LG Smart TVs Are Becoming a Decent Tool for Work Meetings

They now support video-conferencing app RemoteMeeting

Remote work has gone from a niche activity involving a few people talking to their pets all day to a massive transformation of nearly every industry, in which millions of people talk to their pets all day.

Electronics giant LG is helping this along by adding support for the popular teleconferencing app RemoteMeeting to its line of smart TVs. This allows modern workers to participate in a remote work meeting without having to boot up a PC or laptop. 

RemoteMeeting LG TVs


This service is only available on 2021 and 2022 LG smart TVs for now, but downloading and installing RemoteMeeting only requires a simple trip to the app store and some light hurdle jumping. 

RemoteMeeting may not have the cultural cache of, say, Zoom or Microsoft Teams, but it does bring a number of innovations to the work-from-home table. The standout features include themed conference rooms, the ability to handle 100 people at once, and an easy-to-use interface that lets you pin speakers to the top of the page, among other options. 

Parent company Rsupport can now add smart TV support to that list of features. 

"We are thrilled to expand the availability of RemoteMeeting and provide LG customers an easy-to-use communication solution on the big screen at home,” said Hyung Su Seo, CEO of Rsupport, in the press release.

It is also worth noting that newer LG smart TVs have screens as large as 86-inches, which is a far cry from laptop displays and standard computer monitors. In other words, that meeting with your boss is sure to really pop on the big screen. 

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