LG's Bright New Projector Adds Ultra Short Throw Hotness

A 120-inch image on a wall 7 inches away

LG continues to roll out its 4K CineBeam projectors, including the newest model, HU915QE, with Ultra Short Throw (UST) tech.

UST allows the projector to be placed very close to the wall while still producing a high-quality image. At two inches from the wall, you can enjoy a 90-inch image at a 4K resolution or 120-inches at a distance of around seven inches away.

Cinebeam 4K HU915QE


You might recall that earlier this year, LG added two 4K projectors to the CineBeam lineup. The new model is essentially a better version of those. Not only can the HU915QE get much closer to the wall, but it also has a more powerful 40W subwoofer.

It's much brighter, too, at 3,700 ANSI lumens coming from a 3-channel laser. Enhancing image quality comes from a combination of HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping to automatically adjust brightness frame by frame and Adaptive Contrast to change the projector's light according to the scene.

The new CineBeam runs on the webOS platform, so you can stream your favorites from Netflix or Disney+. It also houses Bluetooth and AirPlay 2 support if you prefer to stream movies that way.

Couple watching movie


No price tag or release date yet, but the company stated that it "will be available in the first half of 2022."

North America, Europe, and the Middle East will be seeing the projector first, then markets in Latin America and Asia later.

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