LG Provides Pricing Info On New OLED and 4K Ultra HD TVs

LG 65EG9600 OLED TV (L) - LG 65UF9500 Ultra HD LED/LCD TV (R). Images provided by LG Electronics

If you have been putting off forking out the bucks for an OLED or 4K Ultra HD TV, LG's new offerings for 2015 may be very tempting.

First up, there is the new 65EG9600 65-inch set that combines the best of both worlds, OLED TV technology and 4K Ultra HD display resolution capability. In addition, the 65EG9600 features a Curved Screen design and incorporates all the cutting edge TV features you could want, including:

webOS Smart TV interface - Enables more intuitive access and navigation of internet and network streaming audio and video content.

HDMI 2.0 Connectivity - Provides compatibility with 60fps 4K source signals, and HEVC (H.265) decoding, which, when combined with a fast broadband connection, allows access to 4K streaming content from Netflix or other forthcoming compatible online content providers.

WiFi Direct feature - This is in addition to the TV's built-in Ethernet and Wifi options for accessing content on your home network or the internet.

Cinema 3D - Provides very comfortable 3D viewing using the passive method - and the glasses a very inexpensive (2 pairs included). In addition to 3D Blu-ray Disc content, support for 3D streaming from the internet, including the 3DGo! service, is also provided.

Dual Game Play (requires additional special glasses, though) - this feature allows the TV to display two different full screen overlapping images at the same time, but each person, if wearing the special glasses, only sees "their" image.

LG Magic Remote - with provides menu navigation via thumb wheel, physical gestures, or voice control.

Harman Kardon designed audio system (although the connection to an external home theater audio system or soundbar will still provide a better home theater experience.

The price for all this is a little steep at $8,999.99, but, remember, this is OLED, and, currently LG is only manufacturer offering them to U.S. consumers (Samsung introduced a single model over a year ago, but is not expected to offer any OLED TVs during 2015). If you want an OLED TV that is lower priced - you will still have the option to get the LG 55EC9300 55-inch 1080p model, which has a much lower price tag of about $3,500 (read my previous report for more details)

Of course, in addition to its latest OLED TV offerings, LG has also announced some details and pricing on new additions to its 4K Ultra HD LED/LCD TV line-up.

The 79UF9500 79-inch (Price TBA), 65UF9500 65-inch ($4,499.99), and 55UF9500 55-inch ($3,699.99) are LG's New Prime UHD TVs. 

The sets in the UF9500 series incorporate ColorPrime Technology, which is designed to bridge the gap between OLED and LED/LCD picture quality by emphasizing a wider color gamut display capability for LED/LCD TVs that has not been previously possible.

For additional image quality support, the UF9500 series also includes a flat IPS LCD panel (with edge lighting combined with local dimming), which provides a more effective wide viewing angle, as well as LG's True 4K Engine Pro, which enables more upscaling of lower resolution content sources, and 240Hz TruMotion processing.

Just as with OLED entry, the 9500 series includes WebOS, 3D, Magic Remote, and Harman Kardon Sound system.

Next up is the UF8500 series. This series comes in two screen sizes 65 and 60-inches. The distinguishing feature here is the incorporation of an Ultra-Thin Bezel that LG refers to as "Cinema Screen". However, WebOS and 3D are included, ColorPrime Technology is not. The 65UF8500 is priced at $3,199.99 and the 60UF8500 is priced at $2,999.99.

The LG UF7700 Series. These sets come in three screen sizes, starting with the 70-inch 70UF7700 ($3,999.99), then moving down to the 65-inch 65UF7700 ($2,999), and 60-inch 60UF7700 ($2,499.99). You get one choice of a larger screen size, but not ColorPrime tech or "Cinema Screen" bezel.

The UF7600 Series. The final entries in LG's latest 4K Ultra HD TV offerings are targeted for those that desire (or require) smaller screen sizes. The three sets in the UF7600 series include the 55-inch 55UF7600 ($1,999.99), 49-inch 49UF7600 ($1,699.99), and the "diminutive" 43-inch 43UF7600. Specific feature information has not been provided yet, so stay tuned as it becomes available. However, as with all of the sets previewed in this article, all feature 4K Ultra HD resolution display capability, HDMI 2.0, and the WebOS network/streaming platform. Other features may vary.

So, there you have it, as of Feb-March 2015, LG is offering up the above OLED and LED/LCD 4K Ultra HD TVs for your consideration (Official LG Press Release). They should be arriving on store shelves soon. There is more to come...

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