LG Introduces New UltraFine OLED Pro Monitor Line

Displays created with the creative professional in mind

LG Electronics has announced two new high-powered displays as part of the upcoming UltraFine OLED Pro line.

According to LG, the two monitors deliver highly accurate color replication plus powerful HDR and SDR performance. The UltraFine line was created with creative professionals in mind. Both monitors display 4K UHD resolution and independent pixel control for high-quality color fidelity.

UltraFine Display

LG Electronics

The new monitors include a 27-inch model and a 32-inch model, sharing many of the same features. Both monitors come with a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and cover the majority of the DCI/P3 color space, which is the standard for digital movie projections in the American film industry.

The monitors come with self-calibration sensors and monitor hoods to block out distracting light sources. When paired with the LG Calibration Studio app, the sensors detect the light output from the display and make automatic adjustments to ensure colors are shown accurately.

Both UltraFine displays are lightweight with slim forms and have an adjustable stand which you can use to change the monitors’ height or angle. You can even put the monitors in an upright position, ideal for projects that require a vertical view.

UltraFine monitors

LG Electronics

Since these monitors were created with creative professionals in mind, they may not appeal to the casual consumer, especially when considering the cost.

LG's press release indicates the UltraFine line will be available in key markets around the world starting January 2022, but you can buy them now on the LG website: the 32-inch monitor is listed at $3,999 and the 27-inch model at $2,999.

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