LG Channels – What You Need to Know

LG Channels provides easy access to internet streaming content on LG TVs

LG uses WebOS as its Smart TV operating system. This provides efficient and easy operation of the TV, network, and internet streaming features, including access to an abundant list of streaming channels, and full web browsing similar to a PC.

Enter LG Channels

To make the WebOS platform even more efficient, LG has partnered with Xumo to include an additional streaming app feature called "LG Channels".

LG Channels was previously labeled as LG Channel Plus. You may have an LG TV that uses this designation, but chances are, it has been updated.

Although the Xumo App is offered as an option for some other branded TVs, LG includes its version as part of the WebOS core experience under the LG Channels label for select FHD and UHD 2012-2018 LG LED/LCD or OLED smart TV models running or updated to WebOS 4.0 as well as select 2019 models running WebOS 4.5.

If you have a question about LG Channels compatibility for your specific LG smart TV model, consult the TV's user guide or contact LG tech support directly.

What LG Channels Is

LG Channels provides direct access, via an onscreen app icon to about 175 streaming channels without having to download and install each one. All the channels are free to view but may contain ads.

The channels offer news, sports, and entertainment from a variety of sources.

Some of the featured channels include:

  • CBSN (IP-125)
  • Funny or Die (IP-201)
  • PBS Digital Studios (IP-370)
  • Sports Illustrated (IP-738)
  • The Hollywood Reporter (IP-320)
  • TMZ (IP-323)

New channels are periodically added. Check out the complete LG Channels Listing.

How to Activate LG Channels

If the LG Channels app icon isn't already showing your LG TV's menu bar, or the icon isn't active, here is how to activate it. 

  1. Press Home on your TV Remote.

    LG TV Remote – Home Button Highlighted

    Depending on the model of your LG TV, the remote control may look different than the one shown, with the buttons arranged differently. However, the appearance of the home button and other button icons is the same.

  2. On the TV's home screen, select Settings.

    LG TV Settings Selection from Home Page

    If your remote control has a settings button, you can click on that instead of having to hit the home button first.

  3. After clicking on the Settings Icon on your remote or home page, the Settings Menu will be displayed on either the left or right side of the TV screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings menu and select All Settings.

    LG TV All Settings Selection
  4. In All Settings, select Channels

    LG TV Settings – Channel Category Selected
  5. Make sure that LG Channels is set to ON.

    LG Channels Turned On


    If there is a notice that a new version or update is available, click on the update. The update may periodically provide new channels.

  6. Upon turning on LG Channels, you may see Viewing Restriction Disclaimer. Click OK if you wish to continue.

    LG Channels – Parental Guide Notice
  7. Click the LG Channels icon on the LG TV's WebOS Menu Bar.

    LG Channels Selection on Home Menu
  8. Start watching LG Channels.

    LG Channels App Home Page
    LG Electronics

LG Channels Content Navigation

Navigating through LG Channels is easy. Once activated, you can access LG Channels directly from the icon located on the main menu bar that runs along the bottom of the TV screen.

When you click on the LG Channels icon, it takes you to a full-page channel navigation menu.

LG Channels – Onscreen Guide Example

As you scroll through the menu, a brief description of each channel you highlight will be displayed in the top portion of the screen. You will also notice that each "channel" also has an assigned number which can also be used to access the channel if you don't want to scroll.

You can also tag your favorite channels with a "star" so that they are easier to find later.

In all cases, when you find what you want, just click it to watch.

LG Channels Listing Combined with Antenna TV Listings

If you receive over-the-air TV broadcasts via antenna and have also activated LG Channels, you can access both via the Live TV icon on the LG TV menu bar.

LG TV – Live TV Icon

Upon clicking on the Live TV icon, you will have access to a combined list of over-the-air and LG channels. This means instead of having to leave over-the-air (OTA) antenna channel listings, the LG channel offerings are mixed right in with a TV's OTA channel listings.

Unlike cable/satellite, Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, etc..., over-the-air TV viewers don't have to leave the main channel selection menu to access the new internet streaming channels being offered by LG Channels.

For OTA TV viewers LG Channels provides more seamless content access and navigation. This makes finding that favorite show or niche content easier and faster.

LG Antenna TV and LG Channels Combined Listing

OTA TV channels start with a number or letter, whereas LG Channels always start with the letters "IP".

LG Channels By Other Names

XUMO has also expanded the LG Channels concept to other TV brands, including:

  • Hisense/Sharp: 60 channels are available through the virtual input selection feature.
  • Magnavox, Sanyo, and Philips Roku TVs and Roku Media Streamers: The XUMO App can be added on Roku media streamers and Roku TVs via the Roku Channel Store.
  • Samsung: The Xumo App is available via the Samsung App Store.
  • Vizio: Available through Vizio TVs featuring Internet Apps Plus. Vizio also offers an additional alternative in partnership with Pluto TV that it refers to as WatchFree on 2018 models going forward.

The Bottom Line

LG's partnership with XUMO is part of a continuing trend that blurs the steps normally needed to access broadcast, cable, satellite, and internet streaming content.

Instead of the consumer having to figure out what menu to go to find a specific content provider or app, it can all be included in one integrated list similar to a channel guide you might find for cable or satellite TV.

This means where your programming comes from isn't the main concern – your TV should be able to access it and deliver it to you, without you trying to figure out where to find it.

For best access speed and performance, LG/XUMO suggests an internet speed of at least 5mbps.