LG Adds Even More Cloud Gaming With 4K GeForce Now, Boosteroid Support

Updates to 2023 models now, older models soon

LG Electronics is going all in for cloud gaming, outfitting TVs with a host of new options to get your favorite games on demand straight from the display itself. 

These new game streaming options are nothing to sneeze at, starting with Nvidia GeForce Now in 4K. The popular platform plays host to hundreds of titles and was already available on LG displays at Full HD, but now you can game in glorious 4K at a stable 60fps. This update is only for 2023 OLED models, but 2020-2022 models still get access to Full HD streams. LG says 4K streaming is coming to older models in the near future via an update. 

LG Cloud Gaming


LG also announced the addition of the cloud gaming service Boosteroid. This independent cloud gaming provider allows access to hundreds of AAA titles. All you have to do is log in to your Boosteroid account to get started, but the platform is only available on LG TVs from 2021 and up (webOS 6.0 and higher.)

There is also a new dedicated hub to access your favorite cloud-gaming services called Game Quick Card. This pulls up all your preferred platforms straight to the home screen, so you won’t waste time on menu diving.

Boosteroid LG


Additionally, the company’s proprietary Game Optimizer continues to get small updates to allow for unique customization options andensuree you get low input lag and a fast response time. 

These new platforms join pre-existing services like Blacknut and Utomik. LG says Amazon Luna and more cloud streaming options will come to TVs later this year. 

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