LG Adds a Host of New TV Channels to Its Free Streaming Service

But some offerings are temporary

LG is beefing up the free streaming service that ships with new branded smart TVs. 

The service, LG Channels, is getting an influx of new content, from on-demand movies to original programming and new TV channels. The content is free, so long as you have an LG smart TV with access to LG Channels. 

Olivia Munn LG TV

The catalog of on-demand movies is increasing with some stone-cold classics, such as Rian Johnson’s Looper and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. You also get access to LG’s original programming, like the sports-themed docu-series The Rivalries. 

As for newly-added channels within the LG ecosystem, you get Game Show Central, Fox Weather, and a whole spate of Cinevault sub-channels, each with a unique category spanning decades of classic cinema. 

Even more niche channels are showing up this month, like Majordomo TV with David Chang, with food-adjacent programming, and Cheddar News, a comprehensive news service. 

Unfortunately, LG says some of this content is temporary and will disappear like Cinderella at the stroke of February. This applies to on-demand movies, of course, but should not impact the TV channel offerings. 

LG Channels has quietly grown to offer a wide array of live and on-demand programming, with movies, news, sports, children’s programming, and more. LG smart TV owners can access this content by launching LG Channels via the TV’s webOS. 

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