LG Brings Forth Seven New 4K Ultra HD TVs for 2014/15

LG UB8500 - UB9500 Series4K Ultra HD TV Design. Image provided by LG

Dateline: 06/28/2014

4K Ultra HD TVs continue to reach the market, and the latest comes from LG, which has announced 7 new Ultra HD set spread across three new product lines, the UB8500, UB9500, and UB9800 series.

To start with, the TVs in all three series include refined video scaling and processing (Tru-4K Engine Pro), for the best possible image quality, for both 4K and lower resolution sources, IPS (In-Plane-Switching) LCD panels for wider viewing angles, LED edge lighting with local dimming, and are 3D capable using the LG Cinema 3D (passive) system with at least 2 pairs of glasses included.

Also, the sets incorporate the both HDMI 2.0 connectivity (allows for 4K 60Hz input signals), as well as built-in HEVC decoding for compatibility with Netflix 4K streaming content (provided also that you have a fast broadband connection).

In addition, the UB8500, UB9500, and UB9800 series all employ the Smart TV+ webOS operating system with makes accessing all the TVs features and organizing all content access, whether from antenna, cable, satellite or streaming, a lot easier.

Now that you know what all the sets have in common, here are some the differences in each series.

UB8500 Series: Comes in 49-inch (49UB8500) - $1,699, and 55-inch (55UB8500).

UB9500 Series: Comes in a 55-inch (55UB9500) - $3,299 and 65-inch (65UB9500) - $4,299 screen sizes with 35W 2.1 channel speaker system.

UB9800 Series: Comes in a 65-inch (65UB9800) $5,999, 79-inch (79UB9800) - $9,999 and 84-inch (84UB9800) - $15,999 screen sizes. For audio the 65UB9800 incorporates a 70W a 4.2 channel system, the 79UB9800 has a 90W 5.2 channel system, and the and the 84UB9800 features a 120W 5.2 channel system (all UB9800 sound systems were designed in partnership with Harman Kardon). Another added bonus provided with the UB9800 series is the inclusion of LG's Magic Remote

These new sets from LG provide a lot of 4k Ultra HD screen size options for consumers, but before you consider purchasing one, read my article: What You Need To See 4K Resolution On A 4K Ultra HD TV.