Selling Your Stuff is Easier Now Thanks to Facebook's AI

No more trying to figure out how to describe things on Marketplace

No more figuring out what to write about for the things you sell on FB Marketplace; let the AI do it for you.

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In addition to Facebook's new Shops initiative, the company is moving into AI-powered photo recognition to make it easier to sell things with its Marketplace classified ads platform.

How it will work: According to The Verge, Facebook is launching a "universal product recognition model" that will use AI to figure out what it is you're taking a photo of to sell. Imagine shooting a photo of your car, for instance, and having all the details about the make and model automatically appear in your listing. You won't have to do a thing, aside from pointing your smartphones camera at the item.

The future: The Verge notes that it's just a short step to a future where any image on Facebook can be classified and potentially bought. “We want to make anything and everything on the platform shoppable, whenever the experience feels right,” Facebook's Manohar Paluri told The Verge. “It’s a grand vision.”

Right now: You can see this new system at work in Marketplace right now when you upload a photo of something you want to sell. When we took a photo of an Xbox controller, for example, the categories "Controllers & Attachments" and "Video Game Consoles" were auto-filled into the sale form.

Bottom line: AI-powered object recognition already exists with products like Google Lens and Amazon's Echo Look, of course, but Facebook may be the first to create something that will work for personal and retail items.

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