Lenovo’s New Monitor Aims to Work Better With Microsoft Teams

There's also a new IP Controller with HDMI pass-through

Lenovo has revealed its latest ThinkSmart display, built to work with Microsoft Teams, and a new HDMI and power-over-internet (PoE) compatible controller for other ThinkSmart hardware.

A new monitor and controller are coming to Lenovo's ThinkSmart lineup to make hybrid work and collaboration easier, particularly if you use Microsoft Teams.

ThinkSmart View Plus


The ThinkSmart View Plus is intended to act as a standalone, integrated Microsoft Teams device sporting the kinds of built-in features you'd expect on hybrid work hardware. It touts a 27-inch multitouch display with a passive stylus pen and included whiteboard app, and support for screen sharing between two separate devices (when connected to a PC).

A soundbar with four microphones and two 5w speakers, plus a 4K IRGB camera, also come standard. And, of course, it offers easy access to Microsoft Teams files, calendars, and Teams chat.

Lenovo's upcoming IP Controller integrates with its ThinkSmart Core and ThinkSmart One collaboration devices. The IP Controller will support HDMI pass-through for connecting additional devices, Ethernet connectivity, and can be installed up to 300+ feet away from connected PCs without an extender.

Lenovo IP Controller


The Lenovo ThinkSmart View Plus is expected to release sometime in the middle of 2023 for "select markets worldwide," starting at $2,345.

The IP Controller will be available in a bundle with the ThinkSmart One starting in the first quarter of 2023, from $3,100—though Lenovo hasn't stated whether it will be sold separately.

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