Lenovo Introduces Wireless Laptop Charging Kit

Available October 2021, it sells for around $165

Lenovo has unveiled a wireless charging kit designed to work with most 13- to 14-inch laptops, which will release in October for around $165.

In a press release detailing a number of Lenovo Go accessories, the company also has revealed that its releasing a laptop wireless charger—dubbed the Lenovo Go USB-C Wireless Charging Kit. This kit is designed to work with most Windows and macOS 13- to 14-inch laptops, using Power-by-Contact (PbC) technology from energysquare to provide the charge.

Lenovo Wireless Charging Kit


The Lenovo Go USB-C Wireless Charging Kit includes a receiver base that plugs into the laptop, and a charging mat that can be plugged into a wall socket or a 45- to 65-Watt charger. Plug in the mat, hook the receiver up to a USB Type-C port on your laptop, then place the laptop and receiver on top of the mat to begin charging.

As the Wireless Charging Kit uses PbC charging, it won't work with standard Qi-based chargers—it uses conduction rather than Qi's induction technology. This means you'll have to use a PbC-compatible transmitter in order for the kit's receiver to begin to charge.

Lenovo Wireless Charging Kit components


However, PbC boasts charging times as fast as wired charging, does not require precise mat positioning to charge, and can charge multiple devices at once on the same surface.

"Providing freedom of frequent movement between workspace and other locations, the wireless charging kit eliminates the need to disconnect and reconnect a power cord," Lenovo stated in the press release, "Lenovo Go accessories help users achieve their potential by reducing technology barriers to productivity."

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