Lenovo H530s Slim Desktop Review

Low Cost Slim Desktop Personal Computer

Lenovo H530s
Lenovo H530s. ©Lenovo

It is still possible to find the H530s system from Lenovo but the company has stopped producing them in favor of the newer H30 slim tower that looks bery similar but has updated components. If you are looking for a more current low cost slim tower design PC, be sure to check out my Best Small Form Factor PC list for my top choices.

The Bottom Line

Jun 16 2014 - Lenovo's H530s slim desktop is not a bad system but the budget version just needs a bit more to distinguish itself technically other than the wireless keyboard and mouse. At this price point, you can find systems that offer more upgrade potential, faster performance, more storage or wireless networking. Now if you want something more than just a basic desktop, Lenovo does offer higher performance versions which many of its competitors have stopped producing.


  • Wireless Mouse and Keyboard
  • Is Available With High Performance CPU But At Much Higher Cost


  • Limited Internal Space For Upgrades
  • Lacks Wireless Networking


  • Intel Pentium G3220 Dual Core Desktop Processor
  • 4GB PC3-12800 DDR3 Memory
  • 500GB 7200rpm SATA Hard Drive
  • Dual Layer DVD+/-RW Burner
  • Intel HD Graphics Integrated Graphics
  • HDA 5.1 Audio
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Two USB 3.0, Four USB 2.0, HDMI, VGA, 7-in-1 Card Reader
  • 15.15" x 4.13" x 12"
  • Windows 8.1

Review - Lenovo H530s

Jun 16 2014 - Lenovo is one of just a few companies still producing slim desktop computer systems. In fact, it is one of the only major manufacturer that still offers a high performance slim desktop systems. Of course, the majority of consumers are looking at lower cost options because they just don't need that much performance. The H530s takes the familiar slim profile of the H520s but updates the internal technology.

Powering the budget version of the Lenovo H530s is an Intel Pentium G3220 dual core processor. This is similar to the 4th generation Intel Core i3 dual core processors but this runs at a slower 3.0 GHz clock speed and lacks Hyper-Threading support which does decrease the performance when multitasking. This should still provide sufficient performance for the average user that just needs a PC for browsing the web, watching media or doing productivity tasks. The processor is matched up with 4GB of DDR3 memory which will provide a smooth enough experience in Windows 8 but it still can have performance issues when multitasking. The memory can be upgraded to 8GB but the system may be using both of its memory slots depending upon how Lenovo configures it at the time of production.

Storage is pretty much typical of just about any system at the $400 price point. There is a 500GB hard drive that provides a decent albeit a bit small capacity. It should be fine for most users that do not have much in terms of high definition video files that they want to store. If you do need additional space, there are two USB 3.0 ports located on the back of the system for use with high speed external hard drives. The system does feature a DVD burner for playback and recording of CD or DVD media. This is a full size desktop class drive so it features faster speeds than those compact laptops that rely on laptop class drives.

Like all low cost computers, the Lenovo H530s relies on integrated graphics from the CPU. For the Pentium G3220 processor, this is the Intel HD Graphics. The newer Haswell based processor core provides it with an updated graphics processor that can achieve some decent frame rates for basic 3D gaming when used at lower resolutions and detail levels but it still is not really suited for PC gaming. It does make up for this fact a bit by being able to accelerate media encoding when using Quick Sync Video compatible applications. Lenovo does feature a PCI-Express x16 graphics card slot in the system. The only downside here is that the slim case design means that there is more limited space and the 280 watt power supply will not support cards that require external power. There are still a few budget class graphics cards that will work in it including some GeForce GTX 750 cards.

While the Lenovo H530s does not come with a wireless network connection that many more desktop computers feature, it does come with a wireless mouse and keyboard. This is a bit atypical of what you see in a budget class laptop. Most of them still rely on corded USB keyboard and mice. This is useful because it helps reduce desktop cable clutter but it also helps conserve USB ports by having a single wireless USB adapter instead of using two, one for each device.

Priced at $400, the Lenovo H530s is not necessarily a bad deal but it does fall short of what can be found at this price point. Specifically, the Dell inspiron 3000 Small offers a system that is just as compact but with more performance, storage and wireless networking. The big difference is that Dell treats the Inspiron 3000 Small as a budget desktop whereas Lenovo also offers much faster versions. For instance, one can get an H530s equipped with a Core i7-4770 quad core processor, 8GB DDR3 and 2TB solid state hybrid drive four roughly double the cost of this H530s version.