Left 4 Dead 2 Cheats for PC

Cheats and Secrets for Left 4 Dead 2 on the PC

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The following cheat codes are available for use in the first person shooter video game, Left 4 Dead 2 on the PC. Follow the instructions below to enable and use the developer console cheat codes.

Enable the Developer Console via the in-game menu system. You can do so by navigating the Main Menu, then selecting Options, then selecting Keyboard/Mouse settings. Once there simply enable the Allow Developers Console option.

You can now begin or continue a game and you will be able to bring up the console by pressing ' ~ ' (the tilde key, normally located above the tab key). Input the cheat code ​you would like to enable and press Enter.

Left 4 Dead 2 Cheat Code List

(Default 750) Sets the maximum range of the smoker's tongue attack.Cheat code: tongue_range

Amount of damage you want to do to survivors.Cheat code: z_pounce_damage X

Amount of time before a burning Witch dies from fire (does not effect caused by fire).Cheat code: z_witch_burn_time

Change zombie health.Cheat code: z_health

Change Zombie speed.Cheat code: z_speed

Commits suicide.Cheat code: explode

Commits suicide.Cheat code: kill

Disables/enables controllable Boss Infected on any map.Cheat code: director_no_human_zombies 0/1

Enables/Disables never ending panics.Cheat code: director_panic_forever 0/1

Forces a panic event.Cheat code: director_force_panic

Full Ammunition.Cheat code: give ammo

Get pistol.Cheat code: give pistol

Give Ammo to your primary weapon.Cheat code: impulse 101

Give auto shotgun.Cheat code: give autoshotgun

Give first aid kit.Cheat code: give first_aid_kit

Give full health.Cheat code: give health

Give gascan.Cheat code: give gascan

Give hunting rifle.Cheat code: give hunting_rifle

Give molotov.Cheat code: give molotov

Give oxygen tank.Cheat code: give oxygentank

Give pain pills.Cheat code: give_pain_pills

Give pipe bomb.Cheat code: give pipe_bomb

Give propane tank.Cheat code: give propanetank

Give you an MK 47 ( machine gun ).Cheat code: give rifle

Give you the SMG.Cheat code: z_spawn weapon_SMG

Gives bile bomb.Cheat code: give vomitjar

Gives chainsaw.Cheat code: give chainsaw

Invincibility.Cheat code: god

Just like God but you receive damage (sometimes if you are the only survivor left, you can't receive damage from infected).Cheat code: buddha 1

Makes your bot teammates shoot nonstop.Cheat code: sb_openfire or open_fire (console will tell)

No mob rushes.Cheat code: director_no_mobs

Play in first person (default), this cheat only necessary if third person mode is enabled.Cheat code: firstperson

Removes all bots.Cheat code: Ent_Remove

Sets probability of infected ceda agents carrying bile jars.Cheat code: sv_infected_ceda_vomitjar_probability 0.1

Sets speed in noclipping mode (default is 5).Cheat code: sv_noclipspeed #

Sets the amount of damage a Witch's attack does.Cheat code: z_witch_damage

Sets the camera to be fixed in place while in either third person or third person shoulder mode. Enter once to turn on and enter again to turn off.Cheat code: thirdperson_mayamode

Sets the camera to be in third person mode.Cheat code: thirdperson

Sets the camera to over the shoulder third person mode.Cheat code: thirdpersonshoulder

Sets the maximum amount of regular zombies.Cheat code: z_common_limit

Sets the maximum health of the tank.Cheat code: z_tank_health

Sets the number of seconds until the player loses control of the tank from not attacking survivors.Cheat code: z_frustration_lifetime

Sets whether or not bots (and only bots) are allowed to do friendly fire damage.Cheat code: sb_friendlyfire

Shuts off all wanderers, mobs, specials, and bosses.Cheat code: director_stop

Spawn 1 zombie.Cheat code: z_spawn zombie

Spawn a active pipe bomb under you.Cheat code: boom

Spawn a special infected.Cheat code: z_spawn

Spawn a zombie horde.Cheat code: z_spawn mob

Spawn boomer at location of crosshair.Cheat code: z_spawn boomer

Spawn hunter at location of crosshair.Cheat code: z_spawn hunter

Spawn smoker at location of crosshair.Cheat code: z_spawn smoker

Spawn tank at location of crosshair.Cheat code: z_spawn tank

Toggles no clipping mode.Cheat code: noclip

True/false setting that allows the witch to change targets instead or focus on the one survivor that alerted her first.Cheat code: z_witch_allow_change_victim

Unlimited ammunition. Cheat code: sv_infinite_ammo 1

Steam Achievements for Left 4 Dead 2

The following achievements can be unlocked in the Steam version of Left 4 Dead 2.

Unlock A RIDE DENIEDHow to unlock: Kill a Jockey within 2 seconds of it jumping on a Survivor.

Unlock A SPITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDSHow to unlock: As the Spitter, spit on a Survivor being choked by a Smoker.

Unlock ACID REFLEXHow to unlock: Kill a Spitter before she is able to spit.

Unlock ARMORY OF ONEHow to unlock: Deploy an ammo upgrade and have your team use it.

Unlock BACK IN THE SADDLEHow to unlock: As the Jockey, ride the Survivors twice in a single life.

Unlock BEAT THE RUSHHow to unlock: In a Survival match, get a medal only using melee weapons.

Unlock BRIDGE BURNERHow to unlock: Survive the Parish campaign.

Unlock BRIDGE OVER TREBLED SLAUGHTERHow to unlock: Cross the bridge finale in less than 3 minutes.

Unlock BURNING SENSATIONHow to unlock: Ignite 50 Common Infected with incendiary ammo.

Unlock CACHE AND CARRYHow to unlock: Collect 15 gas cans in a single Scavenge match.

Unlock CHAIN OF COMMANDHow to unlock: Kill 100 Common Infected with the chainsaw.

Unlock CL0WNDHow to unlock: Honk the noses of 10 Clowns.

Unlock CLUB DEADHow to unlock: Use every melee weapon to kill Common Infected.

Unlock CONFEDERACY OF CRUNCHESHow to unlock: Finish a campaign using only melee weapons.

Unlock CRASS MENAGERIEHow to unlock: Kill one of each Uncommon Infected.

Unlock DEAD IN THE WATERHow to unlock: Kill 10 swampy Mudmen while they are in the water.

Unlock DISMEMBERMENT PLANHow to unlock: Kill 15 Infected with a single grenade launcher blast.

Unlock FRIED PIPERHow to unlock: Use a Molotov to burn a Clown leading at least 10 Common Infected.

Unlock FUEL CRISISHow to unlock: Make a Survivor drop a gas can during overtime.

Unlock GAS GUZZLERHow to unlock: Collect 100 gas cans in Scavenge.

Unlock GAS SHORTAGEHow to unlock: Cause 25 gas can drops as a Special Infected.

Unlock GONG SHOWHow to unlock: Prove you are stronger than Moustachio.

Unlock GUARDIN' GNOMEHow to unlock: Rescue Gnome Chompski from the Carnival.

Unlock HEAD HONCHOHow to unlock: Decapitate 200 Infected with a melee weapon.

Unlock HEARTWARMERHow to unlock: In a Versus match, leave the saferoom to defibrillate a dead teammate.

Unlock HUNTING PARTYHow to unlock: Win a game of Scavenge.

Unlock LEVEL A CHARGEHow to unlock: Kill a Charger with a melee weapon while they are charging someone.

Unlock LONG DISTANCE CARRIERHow to unlock: As the Charger, grab a Survivor and carry them over 80 feet.

Unlock MEAT TENDERIZERHow to unlock: As the Charger, grab a Survivor and smash them into the ground for a solid 15 seconds.

Unlock MIDNIGHT RIDERHow to unlock: Survive the Dark Carnival campaign.

Unlock PRICE CHOPPERHow to unlock: Survive the Dead Center campaign.

Unlock QUALIFIED RIDEHow to unlock: As the Jockey, ride a Survivor for more than 8 seconds.

Unlock RAGIN' CAJUNHow to unlock: Survive the Swamp Fever campaign.

Unlock ROBBED ZOMBIEHow to unlock: Collect 10 vials of Boomer vomit from infected CEDA agents you have killed.

Unlock RODE HARD, PUT AWAY WETHow to unlock: As the Jockey, ride a Survivor and steer them into a Spitter's acid patch.

Unlock SCATTERING RAMHow to unlock: As the Charger, bowl through the entire enemy team in a single charge.

Unlock SCAVENGER HUNTHow to unlock: Stop the enemy team from collecting any gas cans during a Scavenge match.

Unlock SEPTIC TANKHow to unlock: Use a bile grenade on a Tank.

Unlock SHOCK JOCKHow to unlock: Revive 10 dead Survivors with the defibrillator.

Unlock SOB STORYHow to unlock: Navigate the sugar mill and reach the safe room without killing any Witches.

Unlock SPIT HAPPENSHow to unlock: As the Spitter, hit every Survivor with a single acid patch.

Unlock STACHE WHACKERHow to unlock: Prove you are faster than Moustachio.

Unlock STILL SOMETHING TO PROVEHow to unlock: Survive all campaigns on Expert.

Unlock STRENGTH IN NUMBERSHow to unlock: Form a team and beat an enemy team in 4v4 Versus or Scavenge.

Unlock TANK BURGERHow to unlock: Kill a Tank with melee weapons.

Unlock THE QUICK AND THE DEADHow to unlock: Revive 10 incapacitated Survivors while under the speed boosting effects of adrenaline.

Unlock THE REAL DEALHow to unlock: Survive a campaign on Expert difficulty with Realism mode enabled.

Unlock VIOLENCE IN SILENCEHow to unlock: Navigate the impound lot and reach the cemetary safe room without tripping any alarms.

Unlock WEATHERMANHow to unlock: Survive the Hard Rain campaign.

Unlock WING AND A PRAYERHow to unlock: Defend yourself at the crashed airliner without taking damage.

The Passing DLC Achievements

In addition to the above achievements, the following achievements can also be unlocked, provided you have downloaded 'The Passing' download content package.

Unlock CACHE GRABHow to unlock: Open 5 foot lockers.

Unlock FORE!How to unlock: Knock the heads off of 18 Infected with the golf club.

Unlock GRAVE ROBBERHow to unlock: Collect 10 items dropped by a Fallen Survivor.

Unlock KILLING THEM SWIFTLY TO THIS SONGHow to unlock: Play the new Midnight Riders song on the jukebox.

Unlock KITE LIKE A MANHow to unlock: Kill a Tank with only damage by the original Survivors.

Unlock MUTANT OVERLORDHow to unlock: Play 6 Mutations.

Unlock PORT OF SCAVENGEHow to unlock: Play 5 full games of Scavenge on The Port.

Unlock TIL IT GOES CLICKHow to unlock: Kill 25 Infected without letting go of the trigger while using the M60.

Unlock TORCH BEARERHow to unlock: Beat The Passing Campaign.

Unlock WEDDING CRASHERHow to unlock: Crash a survivor through 8 chairs at the Wedding as a Charger.

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