How to Leave a Huddle in Slack

A single tap turns off your camera and microphone and gets you out of a Huddle

What to Know

  • If you're already in a Huddle and want to leave, toggle the Headphone icon to off.
  • If you're on mobile, tap the Headphone icon, then select Leave.
  • You can also mute your microphone and hide your video if you want to stay, but not be present.

This guide will explain how to leave a huddle in Slack, whether you're using the mobile or desktop versions.

How to Leave a Slack Huddle

To leave a Slack huddle, all you need to do is select the huddle icon.

A Slack huddle in progress.

On the desktop or web app, just select the huddle Headphone icon in the bottom left. It will toggle the huddle off, and you'll be out.

Alternatively, you can use keyboard shortcuts to leave the huddle. On Windows, press Ctrl+Shift+H. On macOS, press Command+Shift+H.

If you're using the mobile app, the steps are the same, but you will need to select Leave from the pop-up options once you've selected the headphones icon.

What Happens When I Leave a Huddle?

Anyone participating in a huddle can leave at any time and it will not have any effect on the huddle itself (even if the person leaving is the one who started the huddle). The huddle will, however, close, when the last person leaves.

Alternatives to Leaving a Huddle

If you don't want to leave, but don't want to contribute to the conversation anymore, you might instead consider muting your microphone, and/or disabling your video. You can use that with the Microphone and Camera icons in the bottom-left of the screen.

  • What is a Slack huddle?

    A Slack huddle is a quick way to digitally group up with one to 50 other people (2 participants in free, up to 50 with a paid plan) either through a direct message or Slack channel. Huddles are primarily conducted through audio (via headphones or built-in microphones), and allow for multi-screen sharing among participants.

  • How do I huddle in Slack?

    To start a huddle, select the headphones icon in the bottom-left of the screen when you're have any Slack channel or direct message open. To join a huddle, join a channel or DM with a blue antenna icon next to it (this means a Huddle is happening) and then click the headphones icon in the bottom-left.

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