Layrs: A Great Layer Editing App for Mobile Photography

Layrs is no longer available. We've maintained this article for users who might still have it installed.

Layrs is a free app for iOS devices from Artware Inc. With the plethora of photo editing apps out for the iOS ecosystem, there are not that many that allow users to edit using layers - at least with ease. Layrs lets the user create using its simple interface. If you are like me and may not have the patience sometimes to navigate through many of these apps, Layrs, has demos in the app that helps guide you to understanding the power behind the madness.

What Does Layrs Do?

Layrs algorithm deciphers between the foreground and backgrounds of your images. This helps in pinpointing certain objects in your photos. You can see in the tutorial provided by the team at Artware Inc, that choosing a specific subject from an image is done so with ease. It really is as easy as the tutorial leads you to believe. Use your finger and glide it slowly to choose the desired subject thus highlighting the necessary pixels to pull. As you glide around the image, you will see what you are highlighting and if at any time you go over, you can double-tap and it will deselect the pixels you will not need. It's pretty extraordinary actually. The select tool is really smart and pretty precise.

So what does it do? Layrs helps you pick and choose different subjects from multiple images and compile them into one unique collaboration. Some of Layrs best users show off what they have done in a showcase of Layr images. You can view them at the "Art of Layrs" article.

What Else Can Layrs Do?

Layrs most prominent feature is the ability to create layers and masks. The issue with creating composite images from different images shot at different times and in different lighting situations and with an itty bitty little sensor within the iPhone is not all the images will compile well.

Layrs offers the ability to do the basic editing found in many post-processing mobile photography apps. Again the strength in Layrs is the creation of layers but the simple, basic edits are essential to helping users have their images be uniform. Some of these editing features for fine-tuning your images are exposure, contrast, saturation, temp, and hue. The blur tool is also included for assisting in many things but we assume mainly for depth of field. 

Also included is the ability to add "filters" to your images. The user is able to do this to both the foreground and the background images. There are many filters that you can use and all will cater to individuals creative sparks. It will definitely appeal to many different types of mobile creatives.

Before You Save

One of my biggest pet peeves for a lot of photo editing apps at the beginning of mobile photography has been the inability to save at the highest resolution possible. Having an image just for social networks is fine and all but what if you wanted to go to print for example. You would need to have the highest resolution you can and are able through your smartphone. Well, Layrs gives you the option to save to "low resolution" or "high resolution." This is awesome and should be standard for ALL mobile photography apps.

Finally, You Have to Share Away

We probably sound like that one guy who won't be quiet about the essentials of mobile photography; camera, editing, and sharing. Well, Layrs does not disappoint. You are able to "Save to Photos", publish on Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook. You can also save to your Adobe Creative Cloud or email to a friend.

At the End of the Day

After playing around with Layrs for a couple weeks now, we've found that this app is really, really good at what it is supposed to do. We love the ease of the user interface. We love that its intelligent (probably more intelligent than me) at selecting those tiny pixels. We love that we can go above and beyond our creativity level. We believe that this is one app that needs to be in every mobile photographer's camera bag. 

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