Launch Your Own Google Chat Room

Google Talk was deactivated on February 23, 2015. This article remains for archive purposes only.

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Add Party Chat to Google Talk

As an IM client, Google Talk is as simple as they come. So simple, in fact, it does not contain a chat room or group chat feature like many other clients. So, a third-party developer got wise and helped launch PartyChat, which allows Google Talk users to form their own private chat rooms. The end result is an easy-to-use chat experience on Google Talk!

Launching a PartyChat Chat Room. The first step in forming your own chat room is to add PartyChat to your contacts list. Click the “+Add” button on the bottom, left-hand corner of the Google Talk window to begin.

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Enter Party Chat to Contacts

Next, add the following contact to your Google Talk contact list: Replace the “#” sign with any number 0-9. Then, click “Next>>” to continue.

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Party Chat Confirmation

Once you have successfully added PartyChat to your contact list, a confirmation message will appear in the window. Click “Finish” to continue.

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Launching Party Chat in Google Talk

Within a few seconds, PartyChat will appear on your Google Talk contact list. Double-click PartyChat to launch a new IM with the service.

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Creating Your Own Party Chat Room

To launch a chat room, enter the following command into the IM text field as you would when sending any regular IM: /make ChatTitle OptionalPassword

In your chat room title and password, please remember not to use spaces. Capitalization is acceptable, as are numerals. Passwords are case-sensitive, so enter the optional password exactly as you would like it to by typed for entry into the chat room.

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Commands Menu for Party Chat

Next, type the following command to learn more about user controls for your chat room: /commands

This will launch a list of options inside the chat room, which will appear only to the user who entered this command. For a complete list of commands, see our handy PartyChat Commands Guide.

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Invite Friends to Your Party Chat

To invite users to your chat room on Google Chat, have them follow steps 1-4 from this guide. Next, they must enter the following to join your Party Chat, replacing "GroupName" and "OptionalPassword" with your chat room name and any password used: /join GroupName OptionalPassword