Latest iOS 15 Update May Break CarPlay for Some Users

The usual fixes don't seem to work, either

The new iOS 15.0.2 update doesn't seem to be getting along with CarPlay, and many users are having difficulty getting their iPhones to connect at all.

CarPlay's recent iOS 15 troubles, which caused the app to switch off when playing music, were expected to be addressed in iOS 15.0.2. Unfortunately, it looks like trying to fix one problem created a much bigger one because now some users can't connect to their vehicles at all. More specifically, the physical connection works, and the phone will charge, but CarPlay, itself, won't launch or show up on the car's head unit.

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The usual tricks like restarting the phone, re-pairing the phone with the head unit, or resetting CarPlay don't help, either. Except sometimes they do, as there are accounts of people getting CarPlay back up and running after multiple restarts.

However, many users report that restarting multiple times, changing out cables, and so on have had no results. Whatever the cause, it seems that another update will be the only sure way to fix it.

If you're experiencing these issues with CarPlay, you'll likely have to wait for a patch or a new update before things start running normally again.

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Not installing iOS 15.0.2 may seem like a tempting workaround, but the update addresses a critical security flaw, so it's an important update.

As autoevolution points out, Apple thus far hasn't commented on or acknowledged the problem. So whether or not it's working on a fix or when that fix could be made available is unclear.

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