Latest Chrome Update Addresses Major Security Issues

You should update your browser as soon as possible

Google Chrome’s latest update directly addresses two security vulnerabilities actively under attack.

Google has released a new update for Chrome, urging users to download it as soon as possible to avoid any possible exploitations of two security issues that are actively under attack by bad actors. The update was released Monday and includes a total of 11 security fixes. 

Google Chrome open on a laptop


While the update addresses multiple issues, Google says that two of the vulnerabilities, CVE-2021-30632 and CVE-2021-30633, are currently actively being exploited in the wild.

Although it hasn’t revealed any strict details about any of the issues that the update fixes, Google did mention it would update with more details when the majority of the Chrome userbase has updated to the latest version.

Those who use Chrome daily will want to update to version 93.0.4577.82 on Windows, Mac, and Linux to avoid any of the vulnerabilities mentioned in the update.

Google Chrome updating to latest version


Google has rated all 11 issues as high severity issues, which means users should do everything they can to update to the most recent version of Chrome as soon as possible. Two of these issues were rated so highly that Google even offered a $7,500 payout to the researchers who discovered them.

The latest version of Chrome is currently rolling out to users across the world. Google says it should reach all users within the coming days and weeks. You can check for Chrome updates to see if it is available to download right now.

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