The Last IMs of Casey Anthony

The Final Messages Between Alleged Killer and Her Boyfriend

Casey Anthony smiles before the start of her sentencing hearing
Casey Anthony smiles before the start of her sentencing hearing.


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To maintain the integrity of these conversations, every line has been presented as originally typed by the parties, Casey Anthony (CASEY O MARIE) and then-boyfriend Tony Rusciano (NYITALIANO3), including any misspellings, grammar and punctuation errors.

Warning: The following IM logs contain adult language. Reader’s discretion is advised.

Monday, May 12, 2008

NYITALIANO3 (6:48:55 PM): hey

NYITALIANO3 went away at 6:52:52 PM

NYITALIANO3 signed off at 8:07:22 PM

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

NYITALIANO3 (4:03:10 PM): disappearing..

CASEY O MARIE (4:12:04 PM): I just called you. Try calling me back

NYITALIANO3 (4:12:25 PM): my phone is f*&%ed up

CASEY O MARIE (4:12:25 PM): (Ed. Note: Automated Message) yep, not here.

NYITALIANO3 (4:17:06 PM): cant call but I guess you arent on

Monday, May 19, 2008

CASEY O MARIE (10:09:19 AM): did you get my message last night?

NYITALIANO3 (10:09:30 AM): no whats up

CASEY O MARIE (10:09:40 AM): I asked if we could get together and take this week

NYITALIANO3 (10:10:11 AM): whats up

CASEY O MARIE (10:10:43 AM): I don’t really have that much time to get into anything now, but iw ould like to see you, and sort some stuff out.

NYITALIANO3 (10:11:28 AM): uh

CASEY O MARIE (10:12:12 AM): look, I don’t like the way things went the past couple of week.

NYITALIANO3 (10:12:38 AM): ditto and I have had a rough f*&%in week like bad

CASEY O MARIE (10:12:55 AM): you and me both.

CASEY O MARIE (10:13:05 AM): what’s your schedule like?

NYITALIANO3 (10:13:27 AM): I never got that tax money…just found out I dont get it till July, so I have -120.00 in my account, no gas, no food and dont get paid till fiday

NYITALIANO3 (10:13:33 AM): training and work all week

CASEY O MARIE (10:14:04 AM): I’ll be on that side of town all week. I guess I’ll text you later and see if you’re free for a few minutes.

CASEY O MARIE (10:14:20 AM): I haven’t had a day off in over 10 days, and I have a wedding this weekend.

NYITALIANO3 (10:14:30 AM): yeah I know the feeling

CASEY O MARIE (10:15:02 AM): well, I want to see you. I have to get ready for my meeting, but I’ll text you in a bit.

NYITALIANO3 (10:15:53) AM): ok

Friday, May 23, 2008

NYITALIANO3 (2:29:28 PM): so what did those mean

CASEY O MARIE (2:29:39 PM): what did what mean?

NYITALIANO3 (2:29:52 PM): your statuses on facebook

CASEY O MARIE (2:30:13 PM): which one(s)?

NYITALIANO3 (2:30:19 PM): nothing forget it

CASEY O MARIE (2:30:24 PM): haha, what?

CASEY O MARIE (2:30:31 PM): if you want to know, I need to know specifics

NYITALIANO3 (2:30:33 PM): na its nothing

CASEY O MARIE (2:30:36 PM): ok

NYITALIANO3 (2:30:38 PM): I dont remember specifics

CASEY O MARIE (2:31:04 PM): I was feeling a bit bitter, for a few days, so things I wrote, probably reflected what I was feeling then.

NYITALIANO3 (2:31:04 PM): o

CASEY O MARIE (2:31:32 PM): i’m pretty much over a lot of stuff, and have moved on from other. getting sick AGAIN, is just proving to me that I need to start looking out for numero uno more often

NYITALIANO3 (2:31:49 PM): yeah I knw the feeling

NYITALIANO3 (2:23:01 PM): well we should get together let me know what your up to when you are free

CASEY O MARIE (2:23:13 PM): will do. you working this weekend?

NYITALIANO3 (2:32:17 PM): no

NYITALIANO3 (2:32:23 pm): my friends are coming up for my bday

NYITALIANO3 (2:32:25 PM): they should be here soon hopefully

CASEY O MARIE (2:32:25 PM): yeah, I remember you saying your brother was going to be here.

CASEY O MARIE (2:32:38 PM): nice.

NYITALIANO3 (2:32:46 PM): yeah he wont be here till wednesday

CASEY O MARIE (2:32:47 PM): well, let me know, as long as I’m feeling better, I’m free all weekend

NYITALIANO3 (2:33:12 PM): I am tied all weekend but free after work next week

CASEY O MARIE (2:33:49 PM): I guess it’s next week then

CASEY O MARIE (2:33:54 PM): I’ll check my schedule

NYITALIANO3 (2:33:56 PM): ok

CASEY O MARIE (2:34:08 PM): I start my vacation Thursday, so I’ll be free for 12 of my 15 day vacation

NYITALIANO3 (2:32:11 PM): ok