Largest Electronic Parts Distributors

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With millions of electronic parts available from around the world, finding the right part, in stock, and for the right price can be difficult. Luckily there are several worldwide electronic parts distributors that provide services for hobbyists to OEMs. Many of the global electronics distributors also provide a number of tools to manage projects as well as design services to help build that next product.

Global Electronics Parts Distributors

1. Avnet

Avnet is the largest electronic parts distributor in the world, based in Phoenix, AZ, with a global customer base of more than 100,000 OEMs, service providers and resellers. Avnet also provides engineering design, material management and logistics services, and configuration management services. Avnet Express is an online portal that provides access to much of Avnet's electronic component selection around the world.

2. Arrow

Avnet might be the largest electronics distributor in terms of sales, but Arrow has a larger customer base with 130,000 customers. Arrow also offers one of the largest selections of electronic components in the industry and is based out of Melville, New York. Arrow has a worldwide logistics distribution network with facilities in over 50 countries. Arrow also supports online ordering as well as BOM uploading and tracking for all users.

3. WPG Holdings

WPG Holdings is the largest electronics distributor in Asia and recently purchased Taiwanese distributor Yosun Industrial Corporation.WPG Holdings is less then 10 years old, being founded in 2005, and has begun expansion in to other markets outside Asia. WPG Holding does business under many different names and divisions that have been acquired over the years.

4. Future Electronics

Future Electronics is a Montreal, Canada based electronics distributor with exceptional expertise in engineering and integration. Future Electronics has a real-time global inventory system that is tied to their website supplying real-time up to date information about inventory and shipping times across their worldwide network. Future Electronics provides online ordering, kitting, materials acquisition and handling, programming of ICs, inventory replenishment and supply chain management.

5. TTI/Mouser

TTI is one of the largest electronics distributors with facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. TTI is best known for their Mouser catalog and online division which is one of the fastest growing catalog distributors in the world. Mouser's online sales also accounts for a very significant portion of the division's sales. Mouser's focus is on providing small to medium quantities of some of the latest products to design engineers, buyers, and hobbyists.

6. Premier Farnell

Premier Farnell is based out of London and offers electronic component distribution and design services. The Premier Group of companies span the industry and include Akron Brass, CPC, Farnell, Farnell-Newark, MCM, Newark, Premier Electronics and TPC Wire and Cable. Through these companies Premier Farnell offers online sales, direct mail, catalog sales, contact centers, field sales, trade counters, and a branch network. Premier provides support in more than 100 countries and has operations in more than 20.

7. Electrocomponents

Electrocomponents is based in Oxford, U.K. and is focused on the distribution of electronic components. Electrocomponents also offers electrical and industrial supplies through its catalogs, e-commerce portals, and trade counters. Electrocomponents operates in over 25 countries under a few different names including RS, Radiospares, Radionics, and Allied Electronics.

8. Digi-Key

Digi-Key is an online and catalog electronic components distributor based in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. Digi-Key has grown at an astonishing 20% annually for more than 20 years. Their focus is on their online sales, which generates nearly 75% of their revenue with the rest being generated from catalog and phone sales.

9. Nu Horizons Electronics

Nu Horizons Electronics is an electronics distributor based in Melville, New York, has partnered with component suppliers to provide product development, custom logistics and lifecycle support to customers. Nu Horizons primarily focuses on supporting OEMs and EMS providers rather than online sales and small orders which only account for 2% of their revenue.

10. Richardson Electronics

Richardson Electronics provides engineering solutions and components for the RF, wireless and power conversion, electron device, and display markets. Included in their product offerings are custom products or modified products under Richardson private labels. Richardson offers prototyping services, component modification and lower cost alternative identification, and other design services.