The 7 Best Laptop Computer GPS to Buy in 2018

Turn your laptop computer into a GPS navigator

While all of our phones contain GPS antenna that syncs us up to global maps, some industry laptops do not. If you need more advanced and detailed GPS software then you will want a powerful antenna to hook up to your computer. Whether you are connecting the GPS to a fleet vehicle that is traveling through remote rural areas or are navigating on a boat, these USB-based GPS dongles are industry compliant with a variety of the most advanced GPS software.

Garmin is a brand name in GPS navigation and this USB device warrants the esteemed reputation. This small puck is a WAAS Enabled Sensitivity GPS receiver that is manufactured for use in personal automobiles, fleet vehicles and electronics applications where a GPS receiver is necessary. It has 12 parallel channels and an integrated magnetic base, outputting data in an industry standard NMEA 0183 format. It is a low latency unit, meaning it is ideal for vehicle applications that need to be refreshed on the move. Industry-standard 10-foot accuracy also ensures that you will not be far off base when using this device, which works with most industry software.

This generic model acts essentially the same way as the Garmin, but without the higher price tag. It is USB-based with a magnetic case and a 6.5-foot cable length that is resistant to the elements. It works in industry-standard NMEA 0183 format and is compatible with free GNSS evaluation software and supports Google maps and Earth. The device also has 56-channel all-in-one view tracking. It has a strong signal and low latency, making it ideal for law enforcement applications.

This GPS patch antenna has been serving drivers and laptop owners for years. The compact device is powered by a highly sensitive chipset that can provide superior performance whether you are in the city or out in the country. Just plug the USB into your Windows PC or Mac and harness the power of SiRF Client Generated Extended Ephemeris (CGEE) technology, which can predict satellite location up to three days in advance and automatically updates every 15 seconds. The device is built with a magnet that can stick to the top of your car and it can withstand both freezing and extraordinarily hot temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about elemental exposure.

Take GPS with you in this compact micro usb with built-in LNA and built-in GPS antenna. About the size of a small thumb drive, this laptop GPS device supports industry standard NMEA 0183 and SBAS. It is compatible with Mac, Windows and Android operating systems and is compliant with all NMEA navigation software, letting you pick the best app or program to create your ideal GPS solution.

The high sensitivity MediaTek GPS chipset has an extremely fast time to first fix, even at low signal level, which makes it ideal in remote areas. A handy GPS LED tells you whether the device is operating, which is also useful in spotty reception.

This device keeps track of your training and workouts, allowing you to upload and share your runs, so you can measure your routes or return to them later. It works with inMovescount Daily training management on the PC or Mac. Just plug the USB in after a run and you can upload all of your data from your ANT secure device. The company maintains online communities that you can share with to monitor your progress and assist in your training, so feel free to share your victories with friends after a record-breaking run.

This inexpensive USB GPS solution pairs an industry-standard, highly sensitivity GPS Antenna with KDS .5PPM high-precision TCXO. The RTC chip and pF capacitor are designed for faster start times even in low signal areas, while a 1-5 Hz position update rate is ideal for map making and car navigation. The device stores the latest satellite information while it receives WAAS/EGNOS signals without software. With compatible applications such as Google Maps you can use NWEA0183 data, making this a versatile and inexpensive solution for fleet vehicles.

Connect your laptop to up to 20 satellites with this GPS USB dongle for computers and netbooks. It is a small USB thumb drive in a distinctive blue case that you can attach to your keychain. The device is accurate within one to five meters and has a reacquisition time of just .1 seconds. With a warm start time of less than a minute you will not have to waste time acquiring EGNOS/WAAS beacon position from the built-in patch antenna. The dongle is compatible with NMEA-compliant GPS software such Google Earth and it can be stored in temperatures of up to 100 degrees.

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