All You Need to Know About the Pokemon Krabby

Information about the Krabby Pokemon


The Pokemon, Krabby, is part of the Pokemon Pokedex and the Pokemon Cheats index. Krabby is known by the following names within the Pokemon series of video games

  • English: Krabby
  • Japanese: Crab
  • German: Krabby
  • French: Krabby

The numbers that Krabby is represented by in the various Pokedexes are: 

  • National: 98 
  • Hoenn: 268
  • Johto: 164


  • Pokemon Red/Blue: Often hides in water to stalk unwary prey. To swim fast, it moves its ears to maintain balance.
  • Pokemon Yellow: Has pincers that are superb weapons. They sometimes break off during battle, but they grow back quickly.
  • Pokemon Gold: Cloaks itself with bubbles from its mouth to make itself appear larger when it senses danger.
  • Pokemon Silver: Pincers break off easily. If it loses a pincer, it can no longer walk sideways.
  • Pokemon Crystal: Can absorb nutrients by swallowing a mouthful of sand if food is scarce. 
  • Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald: Lives on beaches, inside holes that they have burrowed into the sand. On sandy beaches with little food, these Pokemon can be seen squabbling with each other over territory.
  • Pokemon Fire Red: Can be found near the sea. Its large pincers grow back if they are torn out of their sockets.
  • Pokemon Leaf Green: Uses its pincers as weapons and for balance when walking sideways.
  • Pokemon Diamond, Pearl: Live in burrows they dig on sandy beaches. Its pincers fully grow back if they are broken in battle.

    Where to Find the Krabby Pokemon

    • Pokemon Diamond: Swarm on Route 226 [Swarm]
    • Pokemon Pearl: Swarm on Route 226 [Swarm]

    Base Stats

    • HP: 30 (ranked 72)
    • Attack: 105 (ranked 17)
    • Defense: 90 (ranked 24)
    • Special Attack: 25 (ranked 70)
    • Special Defense: 25 (ranked 70)
    • Speed: 50 (ranked 47)
    • Total Base Stats: 325

    Type, Egg Group, Height, Weight, and Gender

    • Type: Water
    • Egg: Water 3
    • Height: 0.4 meters or 1 foot 4 inches
    • Weight: 6.5 kilograms or 14.3 pounds
    • Male: 50 percent
    • Female: 50 percent

    Krabby's Ability Called 'Hyper Cutter'

    • Game's Description: Prevents the attack stat from being lowered.
    • Battle Effect: An opponent cannot lower this Pokemon's attack value. This Pokemon may still reduce its attack value using a move by itself.

    Additional Information

    Damage Taken:

    • 50% - Steel, fire, water, ice
    • 200% - Grass, electric

    Pal Park:

    • Area: Ocean
    • Points: 50
    • Encounter rate: 30

    Wild Item:


    Miscellaneous Information

    • Species: River Crab Pokemon
    • Steps to Hatch: 5,120
    • Color: Red
    • Catch Rate: 225
    • Base Tameness: 70
    • Growth Group: Medium-fast
      • 1,000,000 exp. points to Lv100