Koo's Microblogging Platform Uses ChatGPT to Create the Perfect Post

Let AI do the work for you

Microblogging platform Koo has introduced ChatGPT integration for some accounts, allowing AI-assisted post creation.

If you've been wondering what it might be like to use ChatGPT from inside a microblogging app, Koo has the answer—or will have it soon. The twitter-like app has begun implementing the AI text generator for some accounts, with plans to expand the option to everyone.

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More specifically, Koo users will be able to ask ChatGPT to generate a post for them using a variety of prompts—either written into the app directly or via integrated voice commands. Some of the provided examples include finding topics based on the day's top news, finding notable quotes, or requesting a specific topic or theme.

"We are always looking for ways to make content creation easy for our users," said Koo co-founder Mayank Bidawatka in a blog post, "and the integration with ChatGPT will provide creators with intelligent help at their fingertips."

ChatGPT functions in the Koo app


The ChatGPT functions are contained in the apps Drafts section, and AI-generated posts will work with all of Koo's other features. That includes the previously mentioned talk-to-type and the option to send out simultaneous posts in more than one language.

ChatGPT integration rolls out to verified and other notable (though unspecified) Koo accounts today across all available platforms (including iOS and Android). A precise date for the rollout to all users has yet to be announced, but Koo says it will be "soon."

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