Kohler’s Moxie Shower Head Has Alexa, and It’s Listening

Kohler is bringing a smart assistant to its Bluetooth shower head speaker

What: Kohler’s latest Moxie shower head incorporates Alexa

How: The company is announcing the new Bluetooth, rechargeable bathroom accessory at CES 2020.

Why Do You Care: Alexa will be the most pervasive technology at CES 2020. Is it something you want in every room of your home?

Alexa is in most rooms of my house, but not the bathroom and certainly not the shower. If Kohler has its way, that will change.

In preparation for their CES 2020 debut, the company announced a slew of new smart bathroom and kitchen products, including the latest edition of its Moxie shower head speaker system.

Kohler Moxie showerhead
Kohler's new Moxie showerhead Bluetooth speaker has Alexa built in.  Kohler

First introduced in 2013, the new Moxie shower head is fully redesigned with a new look, updated speaker hardware from Harman Kardon, and embedded Amazon Alexa smart voice assistant support. So now, while you’re gargling shower spray, you can also spit out an Alexa command or two. For example, you might check the weather (“wet,” in the shower, at least) or your schedule for the day.

Kohler claims Moxie has up to five hours of audio playback per change (6-7 hours for Bluetooth only use). Moxie has also been engineered to compensate for your shower’s “white noise” for a better listening experience.

The Bluetooth, rechargeable speaker sits in a magnetic shower ring and, according to Kohler, is completely waterproof. In addition to voice control of connected smart home devices, Moxie offers touch control for audio operations.

Moxie is also available as a standalone Bluetooth speaker ($159 or $199 with Alexa) or with the shower head ring for $229.

In addition to Moxie, Kohler is introducing a series of touch-free kitchen and bathroom products at CES, including a touch-free faucet, toilet, and kitchen faucet. And, yes, the Numi 2.0 intelligent toilet, which, in addition to lights and speakers offers personalized cleaning capabilities, is back at CES 2020, as well.