Kodak Home Video Monitor CFH-V15 Review

Kodak’s Video Monitor CFH-V15

There are several valid reasons why you’d want an up-close view of the inside of your home when you’re out and about. Maybe you’re on vacation and want to make sure that your home and valuables stay safe and secure, or perhaps you're out for the day and just want to check on the family dog. And of course, there are always the times when you want to make sure your kids are behaving relatively as well as they would if you were right there.

The good news is that the advent of technology such as compact cameras, the internet, and smartphones have made checking on your home a lot easier these days. Your biggest dilemma is selecting what camera you should use, given the plethora of options that are out there.

A Familiar Name

One of the purveyors of home security cameras these days is actually a familiar name that once ruled the photo imaging world — Kodak. The company features an affordable entry to its line of consumer-friendly security cameras, the Kodak Video Monitor CFH-V15.

Sporting a look that would make Darth Vader proud, the Video Monitor features a black, bell-shaped design that houses a moving ball camera up top. At the bottom is a removable base cover that houses the port for the included adapter, and once it's plugged in you can cover up that bottom again and place the camera in your location of choice. For those who want to mount the camera, it also comes with a set of screws and plastic caps.

Easy Sync with iSecurity+ App

Although the Video Monitor doesn’t come with its own viewing monitor like the SwannSecure WiFi HD Monitoring System, the Kodak camera syncs with your iPhone, iPad or Android device of choice and is a lot easier to set up than the Swann. Just download the iSecurity+ app, push the pairing button, follow the setup instructions via the app to connect it to your home router and you’re good to go. You can also name the camera, which especially comes in handy if you decide to get more than one.

Video quality during daytime is good for a home security camera, particularly when using the highest resolution setting of 1280x720. There’s a bit of a delay in the real-time footage, especially on older smartphones but works well overall. During nighttime or lowlight situations, the camera automatically switches to black-and-white night vision. It also still works in the dark, though the image gets grainier.

Extra Features

The CFH-V15 also benefits from a lot of extra features via the iSecurity+ app. Swiping on your tablet or smartphone screen, for example, adjusts the direction where the ball camera is facing, allowing you to get a view from various angles. You can basically pan and tilt within 350 degrees. Press the speaker icon and you’ll be able to hear audio from the camera’s location if you want.

Hold the mic icon and you can use the camera as a speakerphone to talk to someone in the house, make remote commands to your dog or maybe scare intruders away. You can also take a picture via the app and get enough free cloud storage for 24 hours worth of video. There’s even a motion sensor that can be set up to notify you by phone as well as a beta range extender feature for your router.

The Downside

One downside is that it’s not designed for outdoor use, though you can place it by a window for an outside view. If you’re viewing via the camera on your phone, your session will automatically end if another member of the family logs on via a different phone -- which makes sense so you don’t end up with the security camera equivalent of dueling banjos.

Overall, the Kodak Video Monitor CFH-V15 is a solid performer with lots of features for a security camera in the low $100 range. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense home camera option that has a lot of features and is easy to use, the CFH-V15 fits the bill.