Know the Different Mobile Games Available

Mobile Game Types

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You might know your way around games, but do you know the difference between an adventure and an RPG? Here is a rundown of the types of games you’ll find on the mobile.


The most varied category, action games can be shooting galleries, old-school arcade games or fast moving fighters. All require sharp reflexes. A good example would be the intense World War II shooter Siberian Strike.


Adventure games are often a blend of reflex testing and puzzle solving.

The pace is a couple degrees slower than an action game. Glyder is one of the better examples of adventure games.


One of the most popular genres, card titles include solitaire, poker and other titles. There are plenty on the cell phone, but there are some stinkers out there. Be sure to check out my Best Card Games before you buy.


Role playing games, or RPGs, are complex, involving journeys. They have heavy storylines, diverse characters and hours of play. Many mobiles don’t have the tech power or the memory space to handle RPGs, so you’ll find them almost exclusively on the more high-end smartphones. Zenonia is a popular RPG.


Sports covers real-life activities like basketball and baseball, as well as more unusual titles. While they can be complex, most mobile sports games focus on one particular part of the experience. For instance, the super casual Paper Toss is strictly about making hoops.


An emphasis on forethought and planning, strategy games are about taking turns on a battlefield. Chess, checkers and many classic board games fall into this category, as do more unusual titles. It covers anything involving army placement and one-on-one combat.

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