The Klipsch Reference R-4B Sound Bar/Wireless Subwoofer System

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Klipsch R-4B Sound Bar/Wireless Subwoofer System
Klipsch R-4B Sound Bar/Wireless Subwoofer System. Image Provided by The Klipsch Group

There is no doubt that soundbars are extremely popular with consumers, they are easy to place, set up, and use. However, what makes the Klipsch R-4B soundbar/subwoofer system is the inclusion of horn technology.

The soundbar portion of the R-4B system has a slim profile 3 1/2 inch high, 40-inch wide, form factor, making it a good visual match for 37-to-50 inch screen TVs.

The Soundbar - Speakers

Here is the speaker complement of the soundbar.

  • Tweeters: Two 3/4-inch soft dome tweeters paired with two 90° x 90° Tractrix® Horns in two-channel configuration. The addition of Tractrix Horn technology serves to deliver bright, undistorted high frequencies.
  • Midrange/Woofers: Two 2.5-inch composite cone woofers that provide good lower-midrange and upper bass response.

The Sound Bar - Audio Decoding and Processing

The soundbar portion provides all of the audio decoding and processing for the system. Here is what that includes:

  • Dolby Digital surround-sound decoding is provided. However, if you have a DTS-only source, you may have to set your source device to output in PCM in order for the R-4B to accept the audio signal.
  • Virtual Surround expands the soundstage slight to the sides.
  • Voice Enhance Mode adds more presence to dialog and vocals.
  • Night Mode maintains bass output level at lower volumes.

Connectivity and Control

The soundbar provides 1 digital optical, One set analog stereo (RCA), and a USB port for access to music content stored on compatible USB plug-in devices, such as Flash Drives (FLAC and WAV files are supported).

For additional content access flexibility, the R-4B is also Bluetooth enabled, which provides wireless access to content stored on smartphones, tablets, and other compatible devices.

For control, there are front-mounted buttons, paired with LED status indicators. The onboard controls can come in handy if you misplace the provided remote control. A wireless remote is also included with the system.

The Subwoofer

The best thing about the subwoofer is that that it is wireless. This means that although it does require a wired AC power connection, the soundbar sends the bass signals to the subwoofer wirelessly, reducing both cable clutter and more flexible room placement.

Other than the AC power cord, there are no additional physical connections on the subwoofer. The Subwoofer operates on the 2.4GHz transmission band and can only be used with the R-4B sound bar system, or other compatible products designated by Klipsch.

The subwoofer houses 6.5-inch down-firing driver, combined with an additional slot-style port (bass reflex design). The subwoofer features MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) construction.

Additional System Specifications

What The Klipsch R-4B Doesn't Have

The 4B incorporates built-in amplification, audio decoding, processing, and features both analog and digital audio inputs. However, the R-4B does not have any HDMI connections or video pass-through capabilities. To connect HDMI-enabled audio/video devices, such as a Blu-ray or DVD player, you will have to make a separate audio connection to the Klipsch R-4B, in addition to the HDMI or other video connections you might need to make to the TV.

The lack of built-in HDMI connectivity also means that for Blu-ray Disc content, you will not be able to access Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio soundtracks, however, you will be able to access standard Dolby Digital audio.

The Bottom Line

Although the R-4B doesn't provide HDMI connectivity or other features that you might on some soundbars, such as the ability to wireless stream music to other rooms. It provides solid core features and sound quality that will definitely add to a TV viewing experience. Also, for those that already have a full multi-speaker surround sound system in their main viewing room, the R-4B is a great space-saving audio enhancement solution for a second room TV, but it an office or a bedroom.

The system comes with everything you need to get started including a compact wireless remote control (remote commands can also be learned by many existing TV remotes), one digital optical cable, wall mount template, AC power cords for the sound bar and subwoofer, and an Owner's Manual.