KKND: Krossfire Cheats for PS1

Get all level passwords and activate the secret cheat menu

screenshot of Crossfire PS1

Set in post-apocalyptic 2179, KKND: Krossfire follows the journey of the world’s last remaining survivors as they desperately fight to fend off an army of robots. In addition to level passwords, KKND: Krossfire has a cheat code that grants players extra money, invincibility, and other perks to aid them in battle.

These cheats are for the original PlayStation version of KKND: Krossfire.

How to Activate Cheats for KKND: Krossfire on PS1

You can access the secret cheat menu while playing any level:

  1. Hold L1 + R1 + R2 + L2 and press Start during gameplay.

  2. Select Display Password.

  3. Press Left, Circle, Square, Right, X.

If successful, Cheats will now appear as an option in the pause menu. You can choose from several options such as extra money, invincibility, and instant victory.

KKND: Krossfire Level Passwords

There are level passwords for each of the three main campaigns.

"Evolved" Level Passwords

Level Password

Aerial Supremacy

Dam It Janet JUQFLZ
End 2 Robots KVG6LZ
End 2 Symmetrics K8GLLZ

I'll Be Your Friend

Napalm Sunday IGQHGZ
Operation Donut JKU6LZ
Supply Run IAQQGZ

Take the Tower

The Birds IQQQHZ
The Guns of Navaho HHQQQ4
The Rabbit Warren HLQQQZ

The Seven Samurai

The Spider's Lair HUQQQI
The Wall Of Death ILQHLZ

"Series 9" Level Passwords

Level Password

Bridges of Mad Son County

Checkpoint Charlie LZ1Q1Z
Divide and Conquer LQ1Q1Q
Driving Miss Daisy L41Q14

Gopher Hunt

Grapes of Wrath M91QZZ
Ground to Air O1ILZZ
Highway to Hell M11Q4Z

Islands in the Stream

Mutants Off-Line N41UZZ
Ring a Rosie MP1QQZ
River Runs Through It N94LZZ

Survivors Go Home

The Glue Lagoon MZ1HZZ
Walls of Jerry Co. NN1GZZ

"Survivor" Level Passwords

Level Password

Charlie Don't Surf

Con Air/Special Delivery FNGLJZ
Death to the Freaks G1HLJZ

First to the Middle

Heavy Weapons Operation FISGJZ
Hide And Seek DUSQSI
Independent Annihilation ETSQUZ

Kamikaze Squad

Let's Get Technical DBSQSS
Phoenix River ESSQGZ

Robots Must Die!

Strike Three GSULJZ
The Great Escape DTSQSB
This Ain't Avalon EJSHJZ