Krossfire Cheats for PS1

Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for KKND: Krossfire on PS1

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Set in post-nuclear war 2179, KKnD: Krossfire follows the journey of some of the world’s last remaining survivors, who have just risen from to underground and entered a desperate fight to fend off an army of robots.

The following cheats, codes, and secrets are available for ​KKND: Krossfire on PlayStation PS1.

How to Enter Cheat Mode for KKND: Krossfire on PS1

Hold L1 + R1 + R2 + L2 and press Start during gameplay. Choose the "Display Password" menu option. While current password is showing, press Left, Circle, Square, Right, X, then select the Cheat option.

KKND: Krossfire Cheat Codes for Level Password: "Evolved"

Aerial Supremacy: JCH6LZ

Dam It Janet: JUQFLZ

End 2 Robots: KVG6LZ

End 2 Symmetrics: K8GLLZ

I'll Be Your Friend: IVQQUZ

Napalm Sunday: IGQHGZ

Operation Donut: JKU6LZ

Supply Run: IAQQGZ

Take the Tower: JDQ6LZ

The Birds: IQQQHZ

The Guns of Navaho: HHQQQ4

The Rabbit Warren: HLQQQZ

The Seven Samurai: HDQQQS

The Spiders Lair: HUQQQI

The Wall Of Death: ILQHLZ

KKND: Krossfire Cheat Codes for Level Password: "Series 9"

Bridges of Mad Son County: MB1QIZ

Checkpoint Charlie: LZ1Q1Z

Divide and Conquer: LQ1Q1Q

Driving Miss Daisy: L41Q14

Gopher Hunt: LI1Q1I

Grapes of Wrath: M91QZZ

Ground to Air: O1ILZZ

Highway to Hell: M11Q4Z

Islands in the Stream: NF1LZZ

Mutants Off-Line: N41UZZ

Ring a Rosie: MP1QQZ

River Runs Through It: N94LZZ

Survivors Go Home: QJQLZZ

The Glue Lagoon: MZ1HZZ

Walls of Jerry Co: NN1GZZ

KKND: Krossfire Cheat Codes for Level Password: "Survivor"

Charlie Don't Surf: EOSQHZ

Con Air/Special Delivery: FNGLJZ

Convoy: ENSQJZ

Death to the Freaks: G1HLJZ

First to the Middle: F3SLJZ

Heavy Weapons Operation: FISGJZ

Hide And Seek: DUSQSI

Impending Annihilation: ETSQUZ

Kamikaze Squad: DJSQSZ

Let's Get Technical: DBSQSS

Phoenix River: ESSQGZ

Robots Must Die!: FGSUJZ

Strike Three: GSULJZ

The Great Escape: DTSQSB

This Ain't Avalon: EJSHJZ