Kirby 64 Has Been Confirmed for Nintendo Switch Online

Free for Expansion Pack members

Nintendo has confirmed that Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is coming to the Switch next week.

Little by little, Nintendo has been bolstering it's roster of classic Nintendo 64 games available on the Switch. There are still lots of worthwhile titles absent from the lineup, but with Kirby and the Forgotten Land releasing recently, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards seems like an obvious pick. Which is exactly what it is, as Nintendo announced via Twitter that the N64 outing for its roundest and pinkest mascot will indeed be the next game added to the library.

Screenshot from Kirby 64 on the Nintendo Switch


Kirby's adventure this time around (which actually first happened over 20 years ago now) takes the little puffball all over Dreamland in an effort to stop an encroaching dark force. And collect several crystal shards, as the full name implies. All while doing what Kirby does best: eating enemies to copy their abilities.

The game's original multiplayer mini-games are also intact on the Switch, supporting up to four players either locally or in online co-op. Though playing party game-style distractions with your friends won't advance the plot or save Dreamland.

Expansion Pack members will be able to play Kirby 64 for free when it's added to the Nintendo 64 app on Friday, May 20th. Only Expansion Pack members have access to the N64 library, however, so if you aren't already subscribed at that tier you'll need to upgrade your membership.

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