WPS Office Presentation Review

View and create presentations for free, online and offline

WPS Office Presentation (previously called Kingsoft Presentation) is the free presentation software that's bundled with WPS Office. It's full of features and looks awesome, which clearly makes it one of the best free presentation programs you can get.

Since WPS Office is a lot like Microsoft Office, the Presentation program can open common file types like PPTX, PPT, PPSX, POTX, and others.

WPS Office Presentation Features

WPS Office Presentation
What We Like
  • Includes spell check.

  • Common and advanced presentation capabilities.

  • Intuitive interface.

  • Works with common file formats.

  • Access to free templates.

  • 1 GB of cloud space.

What We Don't Like
  • Displays ads.

  • Takes a while to fully install.

  • Some features only work in the paid version.

  • Spelling isn't checked automatically as you type.

  • Bundled with other office programs you might not want.

These are other features you get with WPS Office Presentation:

  • WPS Office Presentation works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android
  • You can download free PowerPoint templates to use in WPS Office Presentation.
  • WPS Cloud lets you edit and open presentations online, and saving to the cloud is as easy as selecting a button from the desktop program.
  • The installer adds other WPS Office software like WPS Office Spreadsheets and WPS Office Writer.
  • Print preview lets you clearly see how the printout will look if you choose a handouts or notes style print, which includes more than one slide on a single page.
  • When saving a presentation file, you have the option to package it into a compressed ZIP file
  • Tables, pictures, shapes, charts, text boxes, WordArt, symbols, Flash objects, videos, audio, and more can be inserted into a WPS Office Presentation file.
  • A bulk font option lets you replace all or selected slides with a certain font style.
  • Hide slides, rehearse timings, add speaker notes, and use slide transitions.
  • Action settings can be modified per object so that you can choose what happens on a mouse click or when the slide is in view.
  • A header and footer can be applied to the slides to include the current date (updated automatically), the slide number, or custom text.
  • Background music can play during the whole presentation.
  • You can choose from several designs to apply a matching template to every slide in the presentation, as well as select a custom color scheme for the slides.
  • The master slide can be changed to make it independent of the whole design found in the rest of the presentation.

Final Thoughts on WPS Office Presentation

This program is by far one of my favorite slideshow makers. The menus are so easy to navigate through, the whole program itself looks and feels amazing, and there are loads of great features.

WPS Office Presentation manages to pack gobs of useful tools—both common and advanced ones—in a setup file that also installs other office tools. If you're looking for a full Microsoft Office replacement, this will get you pretty far.

Plus, you can access the same tools online, without having to download anything. Sure, the online presentation software isn't as advanced as the desktop one, but it's a great place to back up your file, share it, and make light edits without having to be on the same computer that has WPS Office Presentation installed.

If you pay for WPS Office, you can remove the ads, enable PDF editing, unlock unlimited PDF to PPT conversions, obtain 20 GB of cloud storage space, and export images without the watermark.