Kingsoft Presentation Review

Screenshot of Kingsoft Presentation in Windows 7
Kingsoft Presentation. © Kingsoft Software

Kingsoft Presentation is the free presentation software that's bundled with Kingsoft Office Suite, which also offers a word processor and spreadsheet program.

Kingsoft Presentation is full of features and looks awesome, which clearly makes it the best free presentation program you can get.


  • Very easy to use
  • Spell check
  • Common and advanced presentation capabilities
  • Intuitive interface
  • Works with common file formats
  • Small download size
  • Free templates


  • Spelling isn't checked automatically as you type
  • Tries to install other office tools
  • A couple features only work in the professional version


  • Kingsoft Presentation works with Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android
  • Opens popular file formats like PPT, PPTX, PPS, and PPSX
  • The installer for Kingsoft Presentation includes other software you can optionally add to your computer like Kingsoft Spreadsheets and Kingsoft Writer
  • Print preview lets you clearly see how the printout will look if you choose a handouts or notes style print, which includes more than one slide on a single page
  • You can initiate an email to be sent to a recipient from within the Kingsoft Presentation program itself
  • A side menu makes it really simple to open different panels for things like layouts, themes, transitions, animations, and shapes
  • When saving a presentation file, you have the option to package it into a compressed ZIP file
  • Text boxes and images can be inserted into a Kingsoft Presentation file
  • Dozens of shapes are available that you can insert into a presentation, such as lines, connectors, block arrows, simple shapes, flowchart items, stars and banners, action buttons, and comment images
  • Speaker notes and comments can be added to slides
  • Page setup lets you modify slide sizes, orientation, and paper size in Kingsoft Presentation
  • Choose from over 30 slide layouts and 30 WordArt gallery images to use
  • Action settings can be modified so you can choose what happens on a mouse click and mouse over on any particular slide, such as hyperlinking to another slide, file, or URL, running a program, or playing a custom sound
  • A header and footer can be applied to the slides to include the current date (updated automatically), the slide number, or custom text
  • Files can be inserted directly onto a slide, including a number of audio and video file formats
  • Background music can be set in Kingsoft Presentation
  • A huge gallery of tons of symbols and special characters can be used
  • You can choose from several designs to apply a matching template to every slide in the presentation, as well as select a custom color scheme for the slides
  • The master slide can be changed to make it independent of the whole design found in the rest of the presentation
  • More than 30 animation schemes can be chosen from in Kingsoft Presentation, such as ones in categories for subtle, moderate, and exciting animations. Custom animations can also be built
  • Dozens of slide transitions can be used with a custom speed and sound

My Thoughts on Kingsoft Presentation

This program is by far my favorite slideshow maker/presentation software. The menus are so easy to navigate through, the whole program itself looks and feels amazing, and there are loads of great features.

Kingsoft Presentation manages to pack gobs of useful tools - both common and advanced ones - in a small setup file (45 MB), which is also awesome. On a side note, this small size includes two other office programs, which is even more impressive.

While the link below takes you to the Windows download, there's also a version available for Linux, iOS, and Android devices, which is great if you're wanting to use Kingsoft Office Suite on mobile devices.

While Kingsoft Presentation is installing to a desktop computer, it'll ask you to also install a word processor and spreadsheet program. If you want to avoid this, read How to install individual Office 2013 programs to learn how to deselect the other programs from the installer.