Kingsoft Office Suite Free Review

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Kingsoft Office Suite Free is a free Microsoft Office alternative that comes with three office products, each with a splendid display and easy to use interface. Automatic spell check and support for popular file types are just a couple of the included features you can find in Kingsoft Office. Kingsoft Office installs Presentation, Spreadsheets, and Writer - these can be used to replace Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word, respectively.

The Pros

  • Supports Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices
  • Can install some or all three of the office applications
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Small installer size
  • Tabbed interface in all three office programs
  • Writer can open every MS Word document
  • Supports encrypting files
  • Many of the same file formats for Excel and PowerPoint can be used with Spreadsheets and Presentation
  • Free templates for each office program
  • Writer supports automatic spell check

The Cons

  • Must manually check for spelling mistakes in Spreadsheets and Presentation

Kingsoft Office Suite Free File Formats

Kingsoft Office fully supports the following file types, which means you can open and save back to these formats: CSV, DBF, DOC, DOCM, DOCX, DOT, DOTM, DPS, DPT, ET, ETT, HTM, HTML, MHT, MHTML, POT, PPS, PPT, PRN, RTF, TXT, WPS, WPT, XLS, XLSM, XLSX, XLT, XML

As you can see, popular Microsoft Office file formats, such as DOCX, PPT, and XLSX, can also be used in Kingsoft Office.

The file formats below can be opened with one of Kingsoft Office's programs but can not be saved back to the same format. You'll need to choose a format listed above to save one of these file types to after opening: PPSX and PPTX

Kingsoft Office Suite Free vs Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office comes bundled with several programs: an email client, note taking application, and spreadsheet, presentation, database, and word processor software, among others.

While Kingsoft Office doesn't support the same variety of office products, it is a close competitor to Microsoft Office in that those that it does have in common (word processor, etc.), it's a rather close match as to which is better than the other.

Personally, I prefer the tabbed interface of Kingsoft Office vs the one offered by Microsoft Office. Sometimes something as simple as that can sway you to prefer one suite over the other. However, because Microsoft Office is so popular, you may be required to use file types or specific MS Office programs, like Access, which can leave you wanting something more than this free office suite. 

With all things considered, it's important to realize that while you may need Microsoft Office to work some projects or use particular file types, Kingsoft Office is a nice alternative that has its own set of features and benefits.

My Thoughts on Kingsoft Office Suite Free

If you're comparing Kingsoft Office to another paid or free office suite, you'll easily find things that are missing, like a database program or live spell check. But it's important to look at Kingsoft Office on its own to recognize its own advantages.

Ease of use is sometimes more important than having hundreds of unique features. I think Kingsoft Office is the easiest office suite to use and to look at for that matter. I've had no troubles using it and the tabbed interface creates a much less cluttered work area.

Aside from aesthetics alone, Kingsoft Office is also flexible in that it works with many common file types that you may be required to use, which makes it just that much sweeter.