King Kong Game Cheat Codes for Gamecube

One Hit Kills, God Mode, Gain Weapons, and More Cheats for King Kong

Monster battle
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Check out these cheat codes for Peter Jackson's King Kong on the Nintendo Gamecube.  To get started, got to the main menu {game/options} hold L + R (triggers) then press:

Down, X, Up, Y, Down, Down, Up, Up, release L and R

At the main menu select Cheat, and type in one of the codes below to activate them: 

God Mode - 8wonder
One Hit Kills - GrosBras
Ammo 999 - KK 999 mun
Have Machine Gun - KKcapone
Bonus Complete - KKmuseum
Have Shotgun - KKsh0tgun
Have Sniper Rifle - KKsn1per
All Levels - KKst0ry
Have Revolver - KKtigun
Infinite Spears - lance 1nf

    More Cheats for King Kong

    King Kong Alternate Ending
    Once you have accumulated 250,000 points replaying the levels, select the alternate ending from the extras menu.

    Unlock Art Gallery
    The art gallery will be unlocked once you beat the game the first time.