Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360 Console Pics

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Kinect Star Wars LE Xbox 360 Console


The Best Looking Xbox 360 Console Ever

Kinect Star Wars is one of the biggest games hitting Kinect in Spring 2012, and what better way to celebrate than by releasing it alongside one of the best looking limited edition game consoles ever. This bundle isn't just a pretty face, though, as it comes with a huge hard drive, two games, and a Kinect. We have more details here.

The Kinect Star Wars Limited Edition Xbxo 360 console is colored to look like R2-D2. System features include a 320 GB hard drive on top of the other great Xbox 360 slim features (built in wi-fi, HDMI, quiet, reliable, touch sensitive controls, etc.). It will also have special Star Wars-themed sound effects for when you press the eject and power buttons on the system. It also has a special blue LED in the "Ring of Light" instead of the traditional Xbox green color.

Looks pretty darn great, all in all.

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Kinect Star Wars LE Xbox 360 Gold Controller


The Kinect Star Wars LE Xbox 360 system will also get a special controller to go with it. While the system is painted like R2-D2, the controller is all about C-3PO, which means shiny gold paint. It will be one of the newer Xbox 360 controllers with a transforming d-pad which we love, so it should be a solid controller all around.

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Kinect Star Wars LE Xbox 360 Bundle Box


The full package for the Kinect Star Wars LE Xbox 360 console bundle is like this.

  • R2-D2 painted Xbox 360 Slim system with 320GB hard drive
  • Gold Xbox 360 controller
  • White Kinect sensor (we're not sure if white Kinects will be available separately)
  • Kinect Adventures game
  • Kinect Star Wars game
  • Price - $450

Not a bad deal for a great looking LE system with a huge hard drive, Kinect, and two games.

And, heck, even if you don't care about Kinect or the Kinect Star Wars game, this is still one of the coolest looking game consoles ever made and worth picking up for collectors.  

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Kinect Star Wars Game Info

LucasArts, Microsoft

While the Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars system, controller, and even the Kinect look great, the Kinect Star Wars game itself left something to be desired.  In our Kinect Star Wars review we loved the presentation, but the actual game modes just weren't very fun.  The controls either outright didn't work, were too ambitious for the limited motion controls to handle, or the minigames just weren't fun.  Certain modes, like a dancing mode that featured fan favorite characters dancing to awful new music, were particularly bad.  

With all that said, Kinect Star Wars does still have a certain appeal to it.  Similar to the Star Wars Christmas Special, you want to play it just to see how bad it really is.  Having a laugh with your friends while secretly geeking out, because Star Wars, is actually a pretty good time.  Buy Kinect Star Wars at

For actual good Kinect games, I suggest giving Kinect Disneyland Adventures, Kinectimals, or The Gunstringer a try.