Killing Floor 2 Perks Guide

Killing Floor 2 has just exited Steam Early Access and released for the PlayStation 4. Now is a perfect time to get into the game and have fun with some co-op Zed killing action. If this is your first time playing, then you’ll quickly find that each of the 10 Perks (or classes) have a very different playstyle and finding the right one for you can be the difference between having a very good time or being incredibly frustrated. 

This guide will tell you about each of the 10 Perks, what they excel at, which weapons are the best for them, which skills you should be using as you level up, and which of the other Perks complement each other best. Once you get the hang of things, you'll go from a confused newbie to a confident Killing Floor 2 pro in no time.



Best Complimented by Commando, Gunslinger, Sharpshooter

The Berserker is Killing Floor 2’s melee specialist, so if you’re the kind of person that likes to get up close and personal with enemies, this is the Perk you’ll want to go with. This Perk can be a bit harder to play successfully than the others because of the attention you’ll need to pay to your surroundings and the extra complication of the Melee Weapons system.

As you’re going to be in the middle of the fray, as a Berserker you’ll be much easier for Zed to surround. Although you do have the advantage of not being able to be grabbed, massed Zed can bring you down fast if you’re not on your toes.

The key to using the Berserker is the proper use of blocking and parrying, which is something that only melee weapons can do, and making sure to switch up from regular attacks for smaller Zed and power attacks for the big boys. The Berserker’s EMP grenades can stun Zed as well, so if you get surrounded, throw one down in front of you and hightail it out.

Berserker skills give you a mixture of more health, more speed, and stronger attacks. The two main builds for this Perk are to either be a powerful tank, doing massive melee damage and having enough health to stay in the brawl for extended periods of time, or to be a speed demon, dancing around larger Zed and striking when the time is right.

The Berserker is best utilized by tying up the enemy so that your companions with ranged weapons can pick off the Zed trying to surround you without getting surrounded themselves. You’re going to be in the center of the battle, so any Perk that can make sure you don’t get overwhelmed or that Zed don’t get past you will make a great partner.


Best Complimented by Berserker, Demolitionist, Support

The Commando is the eyes and ears of a Killing Floor 2 squad, and the presence of one is always going to make a match a bit easier. Their primary boon is the ability to spot nearby cloaked enemies, which takes the cloaking Stalker Zed from a menace to a nuisance. The Commando Perk is one of the easiest to play starting out and requires tactics that are familiar to anyone that has played a first-person shooter before.

The Commando’s main weapon is the assault rifle, which excels at taking down low-medium strength Zed. However, against larger Zed, the Commando has to rely on his teammates to deal the damage, though the Grenade they carry is good at dishing out high damage in a small radius.

Commandos go great with Demolitionists where their high rate of fire can keep Zed at bay while the Demolitionist reloads their slow firing weapons. A Demolitionist can also help Commandos with larger Zed that would otherwise be difficult to take down. Berserkers are also good partners for Commandos as they can keep enemies at bay while the Commando’s high-rate-of-fire mows down smaller Zed from a distance. Due to the rate at which Commandos expend ammo, having a Support player nearby to resupply you is always a help too.

Commando skills focus on reload speed and ammo capacity. Having a mixture of these two is best so that you can have a higher well of ammo to draw on while making sure that magazines are changed quickly enough to keep you from being vulnerable.


 Best Complimented by Commando, Gunslinger, SWAT, Firebug

The Support Perk excels at sealing off entry points and clearing tight spaces. Their shotgun makes them unchallenged when it comes to corridors and doorways, and they’re able to weld doors shut faster than any other Perk.

The Support Perk starts as being less powerful than the other Perks and until you level it up some, you might be disappointed in the results you’re getting. However, once you’ve got some of the skills that increase your damage, shot penetration, and ammo capacity, the Support transforms into a damage juggernaut. You also have the crucial role of providing ammo to your teammates, and once each round they can approach you and receive an extra magazine for their weapon.

The slow reload time of the Support’s shotgun means they are best partnered with classes like the Commando or SWAT that can lay down suppressing fire while they back off and reload. The Gunslinger is also a big help as they can pick off smaller targets very quickly at short-range. The Firebug can weaken enemies with their flamethrowers so that it takes fewer shells to take down a group, and makes an excellent complimentary partner as well.

Field Medic

 Best Complimented by Any Other Perk

The Field Medic is a huge boon to any team but is one of the hardest Perks to play as. Instead of being in the action like every other Perk, as a Field Medic, it’s your job to stay out of the action so you can heal your team when the need arises. As a result, though you get access to a variety of specialist weapons, none of them are as good as the ones other perks get.

By shooting your teammates with the secondary fire on your weapons you can heal them, or you can kill enemies with it and poison them. The best skills to choose for the Field Medic are those that make you flight on your feet, allowing you to dodge in and out of battle as needed, and those that allow you to heal yourself and your teammates faster. 

As a Field Medic, your weapon compliment is primarily for self-defense and healing. You must be a team player if you expect to win any matches. Even your grenade is based around healing, and although your healing power can poison Zed, it only compliments the damage other Perks do, it doesn’t replace it.


 Best Complimented by Commando, Support, SWAT, Berserker

The Demolitionist Perk is the exact opposite of the Commando Perk. Instead of spraying bullets at whatever moves, the Demolitionist directs massive explosive firepower at critical times to take out whole groups of enemies with one shot.

Being a Demolitionist requires an extreme amount of precision, which makes this one of the more advanced classes in Killing Floor 2. All of your explosive weapons are one-shot, accompanied by a lengthy reload time. Two of your weapons, the M79 and RPG-7 also require a short arming period once they’re fired, meaning if you get surrounded by Zed, your only recourse is to switch to a backup weapon or throw one of your ½ sticks of dynamite. 

However, against massed groups of Zed and large Zed, no other class comes close to the damage dealing potential of the Demolitionist. Holding back behind a group composed of Commandos, SWAT, or Berserkers, and waiting for Zed to mass towards them is your best tactic. With one well-placed shot, you can completely relieve a teammate that’s being pummeled by Zed, and in turn, they can watch your back while you’re reloading your weapon. Having a Support Perk on the team is a huge boon as well since all of your primary explosive weapons have very limited ammo reserves.

The skills you should go for as a Demolitionist are those that improve your ammo reserve and reload time. Although there are some skills to improve the staggering and damage of your explosive weapons, they’re already very powerful, and making sure you can fire more and more often takes priority. Of particular note for the Demolitionist is the Sonic Resistance Rounds skill you can choose at level 15. This is an essential skill for anyone who plays Demolitionist as it negates the Siren Zed’s disarming effect on grenades and explosive rounds.