The Sims: How to Kill a Sim

Sims do not die naturally in "The Sims," so you'll have to kill them.

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Killing a Sim is not for the weak. It can be difficult to watch a Sim suffer and cry out for help. But it's a great way to get rid of annoying Townies or ex-husbands. Once a Sim is gone, that's it! Only kill the Sims you really want to go. Death lasts forever.

4 Ways to Kill a Sim

Fire is an easy way to kill a Sim. You've probably had a few Sims die by fire on accident. Fast and painless to watch, unlike deprivation which can bother the weak-hearted. When using fire to kill a Sim, be sure you don't have a fire alarm nearby, or else a Fireman might put out the fire before the Sim dies!

Ways to Kill a Sim B y Fire

If the Sim has low cooking points, have them cook supper, either with the stove or BBQ. There is a huge chance they'll start a fire.

Got a fireplace? Make sure to have a rug and/or paintings near the fireplace. Have the Sim light the fireplace, and just wait.

Setting off fireworks inside is guaranteed to start a fire.

Ways to Kill a Sim by Starvation

Sims have to eat, right? Well, make sure they don't and they will surely die. To kill a Sim by starvation, lure them into a room and then remove the door by replacing it with a wall. Put a radio in the room, and have them turn it on. We wouldn't want them to sleep, now would we?

This is a difficult way to watch them die. They will plead for fun, food, and will probably pee themselves. It feels like a painfully slow process, so unless you're really morbid, you might want to scroll over to a different part of the house.

Ways to Kill a Sim by Electrocution

Electrocution is the least efficient way to kill a Sim. The chances of a Sim being electrocuted while repairing an object (TV, for example) or replacing a light bulb, is 1%. However, if they don't have any mechanical skills, the risk of death increases, making it a viable option.

Sims can be killed by electrocution in two ways. First, when repairing an object, like a TV or computer, and second, they can also die when turning on an appliance when standing in water.

Ways to Kill a Sim by Drowning

If you want to torture and eventually kill a Sim, drowning is a reasonable option.

To drown a Sim, simply have them swim in a pool. While they are swimming enter build mode and remove the ladder. Some Sims can swim forever, but once they get tired and start looking and not finding a ladder, a thought bubble will appear with a ladder. Be patient, eventually, they will give up and the Grim Reaper will come for them.