Kid Icarus Cheat Codes for Nintendo Virtual Console

Level passwords for the Nintendo Virtual Console version of Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus figurine

FaruSantos / CC BY 2.0 / Flickr

Kid Icarus is a platform game originally released in 1986 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Since inspiring a 1991 sequel for Game Boy and a 3D-shooter spinoff called Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS, the original Kid Icarus has been re-released for nearly every modern Nintendo system. Although cheat codes for Kid Icarus on the NES do not work with the Nintendo Virtual Console re-release, there are passwords that will help you ascend to higher levels.

These cheats are for the Nintendo Virtual Console version of Kid Icarus for Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch. They also work with the NES Classic version.

Kid Icarus Level Passwords

Select Continue at the main screen to enter passwords.

The following passwords contain both zeros and the capital letter "O." All codes begin with a capital "I." The letter "L" is not used. All passwords are case sensitive.

Password Level Stats
0000Cu-O0V300-UC001C-00042i 1-2 Endurance = 4, Strength = 1
0000mC-T0U600-GC001C-10082t 1-3 Endurance = 4, Strength = 2
G400u6 Z09200 POG00C 10003s 1-4 Endurance = 4, Strength = 2
G800CS-p0iC00-1OG00G-H0004v 2-1 Endurance = Max, Strength = 2
He00yK-y0j800-HOG01H-I004K! 2-2 Endurance = Max, Strength = 3
Ie00ec-418100-fa004H-J008a9 2-3 Endurance = Max, Strength = 4
IeG6q9-I1t800-VmG03H-J000Lx 2-4 Endurance = Max, Strength = 4
IeG6Gz-f1t000-daG08H-J100sK 3-1 Endurance = Max, Strength = 4, All Weapons
IeW6Ci-h1Z200-faG08H-K104sg 3-2 Endurance = Max, Strength Max, All Weapons
IeX2mN-c3dF00-ueX11G-K50WOZ Final Boss Endurance = Max, Strength Max, All Weapons