Keyboards and mice are pretty important whether you use an ergonomic, wireless or a customized version. Learn how to use yours effectively and troubleshoot problems.
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Arrows in Notepad and in the Character Map on a Windows laptop
How to Make an Arrow on a Keyboard
Cent sign in Notepad and the Character Map on a Windows laptop
How to Make a Cent Sign on a Keyboard
A mechanical keyboard with keycaps removed.
How to Replace Switches on Mechanical Keyboard
A mechanical keyboard with supplies to dampen the keyboard.
How to Make Mechanical Keyboard Quieter
A mechanical keyboard with a keycap removed.
How to Fix it When a Mechanical Keyboard Key is Not Working
Mechanical switches in front of a mechanical keyboard.
How to Choose Mechanical Keyboard Switches
A person cleaning a keyboard with wipes
How to Know if a Keyboard Is Mechanical
A close-up of a mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting
Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Typing?
Micro-USB charging cable being plugged into a Logitech keyboard
How to Charge a Logitech Keyboard
Computer pointer
How to Change Your Mouse Color
Computer Mouse
How to Reset Mouse Settings
A man sitting at a computer desk and cleaning a black mechanical keyboard.
How to Clean a Mechanical Keyboard
Laptop with screen light glowing
How to Keep Your Computer Awake Without Touching the Mouse
The bottom side of the Logitech M570 mouse showing the power switch and battery compartment.
How to Change the Battery in a Logitech Mouse
The Logitech MX Keyboard and MX Master mouse for Mac computers.
How to Screenshot on a Logitech Keyboard
A photo of the Logitech Unifying Receiver on a green background
How to Sync a Logitech Wireless Mouse With a Different Receiver
Wireless Mouse
How to Pair a Logitech Mouse
Computer Keyboard Disable Sound
How to Remap a Keyboard in Windows 10
Happy face emoticon with heart eyes.
How to Make a Heart on a Keyboard
A Bluetooth Logitech keyboard paired with a tablet.
How to Pair a Logitech Keyboard
Hands typing on an illuminated keyboard on a laptop.
How to Turn On the Keyboard Light (Windows or Mac)
Keycaps that have been broken off of a laptop keyboard.
How to Put a Key Back on a Laptop Keyboard
Dell laptop keyboard
How to Fix a Dell Keyboard Not Working
Close-up of a computer mouse, next to a laptop.
How to Unlock a Frozen Mouse on a Laptop
Image of a computer mouse wheel
How to Fix It When Your Mouse Scroll Is Not Working
A student using an HP laptop.
How to Fix an HP Laptop Keyboard That's Not Working
Computer keyboard protected by a metal chain and lock.
How to Unlock a Keyboard That's Locked
Image showing mouse pointer on a highway to indicate speed
How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10
An illustration of hands on a laptop keyboard.
What Is a Keyboard?
Razer Lancehead
How to Fix Razer Synapse Not Detecting a Mouse or Keyboard
An illustration of a person using a mouse at a laptop computer.
What Is a Computer Mouse?
Person typing Spanish Vocabulary Words with the ~ mark
How to Type a Tilde Mark
ALT Codes on computer keyboard
How to Use Alt Codes
Broken mice: my mouse won't work
My Mouse Won't Work! How Do I Fix It?
Mechanical keyboard
What Is a Mechanical Keyboard?
Magic Mouse 2
Magic Mouse 2: How Good is This Mouse?
Optical vs Laser Mouse
Optical Mice vs. Laser Mice
Image shows system displaying 5 keybaoard choices (US, French, Pinyin, Spanish, and Devanagari keyboard options)
How to Change Keyboard Language
Old computer keyboard
What Are PS/2 Ports and Connectors?
A person fixing a glitchy Apple Magic Mouse with canned air
An Easy Fix for a Magic Mouse Tracking Problem
A dial lock on top of a white keyboard depicting the Num Lock key
Num Lock: What It Is and How It Works
Wired vs. Wireless mice
Wired vs. Wireless Mice
Computer keyboard on a wooden desk
My Keyboard Won't Work. Now What?
Wireless mouse
How to Clean a Wireless Mouse
High Angle View Of Keyboard And Computer Mouse On Table
How to Install a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
How to Fix Magic Mouse Disconnect Problems
Race among computer mouses, crossing a finish line
How to Change Mouse Speed or Sensitivity
Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse
Battery Life in Magic Mouse Pulls a Disappearing Act
Musical Typing part of GarageBand
Turn Your Mac Keyboard Into a GarageBand Piano
A trackball mouse with a tablet and keyboard
How to Use a Trackball Mouse
Dell laptop keyboard
The Ultimate Guide to Keyboard Shortcuts
Hands tying on a keyboard
5 Things to Consider When Buying a Computer Keyboard
Logitech G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse
8 Things to Consider Before Buying a Computer Mouse

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