Keyboard Shortcuts for Safari on macOS

Save time and clicks

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Jurgita Vaicikeviciene / EyeEm / Getty Images

Many Safari users initially use the program's menu system for navigating the internet and performing other browser tasks. To save time and clicks, however, Safari offers a long list of keyboard shortcuts. Here are a few of the most commonly used.


These shortcuts were tested in Safari version 13 on Catalina (macOS 10.15), but most should work similarly in older versions.

Moving Around on a Page

  • option+arrow: Scroll page by a screenful, minus a small overlap.
  • command+up arrow or home: Scroll to top left corner of a web page.
  • command+down arrow or end: Scroll to the bottom left corner of a web page.
  • page up or shift+space bar: Scroll page up by a screenful, minus a small overlap.
  • page down or space bar: Scroll page down by a screenful, minus a small overlap.
  • home: Scroll to top left corner of a web page.

Navigating the web

  • command+home: Go to your homepage.
  • command+[link on a web page]: Opens the selected link in a new window.
  • command+shift+[link on a web page]: Opens the selected link in a new window, behind the current window.
  • option+[link on a web page]: Download a file.


  • command+[number from 1 to 9]: Select one of first nine tabs.
  • command+A: Select all.
  • command+C: Copy.
  • command+E: Use current selection for find.
  • command+F: Find.
  • command+G: Find next.
  • command+M: Minimize.
  • command+N: Open new window.
  • command+O: Open file.
  • command+P: Print.
  • command+Q: Quit Safari.
  • command+R: Reload page.
  • command+S: Save as.
  • command+T: Open new tab.
  • shift+command+T: Reopen the tab you just closed.
  • command+V: Paste.
  • command+W: Close window.
  • command+Z: Undo.
  • command+shift+G: Find previous.
  • command+shift+Z: Redo.

Favorites and Bookmarks

  • command+shift+D: Add bookmark to menu.
  • command+option+B: Show all bookmarks.
  • command+D: Add a bookmark.


  • command+control+1: Show/hide Bookmarks sidebar.
  • command+control+2: Show/hide Reading list sidebar.
  • command+option+D: Show/hide Apple dock.
  • command+option+U: Show source code and other developer options (provided Show develop menu is enabled in Preferences > Advanced).
  • command+H: Hide Safari.
  • command+L: Open Favorites.
  • command+?: Load Help.
  • command+,: Load Preferences.