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The Bottom Line

There's a lot to like about Kerio MailServer, an almost fully featured mail server with a strong emphasis on security and universal accessibility.

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  • Kerio MailServer offers strong security and anti-spam measures
  • Kerio MailServer is rich in features, power and versatility
  • Comes with a nice and useful web interface


  • Kerio MailServer lacks full mailing list support
  • Scheduling could be more flexible


    • Kerio MailServer offers SMTP, POP, IMAP, LDAP, Web and WAP services for multiple domains.
    • All protocols support secure SSL connections, and Kerio works with multiple virus scanners.
    • Spam protection through sender verification including Caller ID, blackhole lists and SpamAssassin.
    • Shared folders and flexible server-side filtering available via IMAP and WebMail.
    • Kerio MailServer can retrieve and sort mail from remote POP accounts.
    • Kerio MailServer supports NT domain or Active Directory authentication.
    • Provides automatic replies and scheduled server backup, monitors disk space.
    • Via LDAP, IMAP and Web-based access Kerio MailServer supports shared folders and address books.
    • Kerio MailServer supports Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/3/XP, Linux and Mac OS X 10.2+.

    Expert Review - Kerio MailServer 5.7.9 - Mail Server

    Kerio MailServer has two concepts written on its banner: security and universal accessibility.

    There's a lot to like about these concepts, and there's a lot to like about how Kerio MailServer implements them.

    Kerio MailServer supports multiple virus scanners, has a nice backup facility and supports TLS/SSL connections for all access methods. A propos access: in addition to the standard POP/SMTP services Kerio MailServer offers IMAP and LDAP as well as functional web-based access.

    All three provide shared folders, and Kerio MailServer lets you set up server-side filters.

    Kerio MailServer's anti-spam measures are impressive, too: SMTP authentication, blackhole list support, throttling, Caller ID support and SpamAssassin filtering including Bayesian analysis for a high spam detection rate while keeping false positives few.

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