Keith Ward

Keith is an experienced writer and Windows user, who has owned PCs since 1990 (an IBM PS/2). He loves helping others learn how to get more out of their computers, and is intensely interested in the computer industry and all things related to Microsoft.


Keith has covered the computer industry since 2000. He has also worked in IT, as a Windows NT applications specialist. He has had a special focus on Microsoft over the years, as editor of Redmond Magazine and Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine. He has also run software development magazines, and currently serves as editor in chief of a technical magazine. He has 25 years of experience as a writer and editor, and writes fiction on the side. 


Keith has a B.S. in Mass Communications from Towson University. He is also an MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) and an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer). He's the proud owner of a private pilot's license, and used to own an airplane. His wife was happy when he sold it.

Keith Ward

Windows can be a confusing place. Microsoft is constantly changing it, and it can be tough to keep up. That's where I come in. I'd be honored to be your guide through this sometimes frustrating, but ultimately very rewarding world. Find me on Twitter @KeithWardWrite.

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