How Do I Keep My YouTube Videos Private?

Easily make your YouTube videos unlisted or private

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Given that YouTube is huge on video sharing, it might seem odd to wonder how to make it so that nobody sees your YouTube videos, but some people only want to share their videos with certain people or might even want them completely private for nobody but them to see.

No matter your reasoning or how much privacy you want, YouTube makes it really easy to change the privacy setting on a video you've uploaded, as well as prevent a video from going public even before you upload it.

See our guide on YouTube's privacy settings to learn more about other privacy options that pertain to comments, ratings, and more.

How to Control Video Privacy on YouTube

If you haven't uploaded your video yet, but you're in the process or about to start the process, follow these first steps to make sure that it isn't shown to the public.

You can always change the setting later, as we'll see in the next section.

  1. From the drop-down menu on YouTube's Upload page, choose one of the following options to make the video private:

Unlisted: Keep your video public but do not allow people to search for it. This lets you easily share the URL with anyone you want but prevents people from finding it through search results.

Private: Does not let the public see the video. Only you can see it, and only when you're logged in under the same account that uploaded the video. This option makes YouTube work more like a video backup service rather than a sharing service.

Your other option is to make your existing videos private. That is, to pull your video out of the public eye and make it obey one of the options mentioned above.

Here's How:

  1. Open your YouTube Videos page to find all your uploads.

  2. Find the video you want to change the privacy settings for. You can use the search box or just scroll through until you find the right one.

    If you want to change the privacy settings on multiple videos at once, put a check in the box next to each applicable video.

  3. If you're making changes to just one video, click the small arrow next to the word Edit, and choose Info & Settings. From there, choose one of the privacy options from the right side of the page and then click Save changes.

  4. If you're changing the settings for multiple videos that you've check-marked, click Actions at the top of that screen and then pick one of those privacy options. Confirm it with the Yes, submit button when asked.