How to Keep the Screen Active on Android

Stop your Android screen from turning off

What to Know

  • Open Settings and tap Display > Sleep (or Settings > Display > Screen timeout, depending on the version of Android you're using) to delay the Android Sleep timer by up to 30 minutes.
  • You can keep your Android screen on indefinitely by installing an app such as Screen Alive.
  • Android’s Always on Display feature shows the information on the screen even when the device is sleeping.

This article will walk you through the three main ways to keep the screen active on your Android smartphone or tablet. It covers instructions for changing the inactivity timer, how to use an Android app to keep the screen on, and what you need to know about the Always on Display feature.

How Do I Stop My Android Screen From Turning Off?

The easiest way to make your Android device’s screen stay on longer is to adjust the built-in Sleep settings. The Sleep will automatically turn your Android device’s screen off when it detects no activity for a set period. This limit can be extended up to 30 minutes.

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Tap Display.

  3. Tap Sleep or Screen timeout.

    Settings > Display > Sleep on Android
  4. Select how long you want your Android smartphone or tablet screen to stay on before turning off due to inactivity. The change will take effect immediately.

    The maximum time allowed is 30 minutes.

Some version of Android also have a Screen attention feature on the Screen timeout screen that you can adjust to prevent your device from turning off if you're looking at it.

How Do I Keep My Android Screen Always On With an App?

If you want your Android tablet or smartphone to stay on for more than 30 minutes, you can install an app to keep the screen on indefinitely or for a longer set time, such as an hour or two.

Keeping your Android device’s screen on for extended periods can drain its battery, so it’s a good idea to keep it plugged in and charging when doing so.

There are many Android apps designed to keep the screen on, but for this example we’ll use Screen Alive. It’s completely free to use and works as intended.

Here’s how to use Screen Alive to keep your Android screen always on.

  1. After installing Screen Alive, open the app and tap Proceed.

  2. Tap the switch next to Allow modifying system settings.

  3. Return to your Android device’s home screen, locate the app, and open it again.

  4. Tap the yellow bulb icon in the lower-right corner.

  5. The Always setting should be immediately activated. Tap Custom to enter a specific inactivity counter.

    You can also add the Screen Alive app to your home screen as a widget or to your Quick Settings menu for easy access.

    Proceed > Allow modify system settings > Always on Android Screen Alive app
  6. Tap the lightbulb icon to disable Screen Alive and to return to your Android tablet or smartphone’s default Sleep settings.

How to Use Android's Always On Display Setting to Keep the Screen On

Many Android devices have a built-in feature called Always on Display which allows for basic information, such as the time and date, to show on the screen even when it’s asleep. Android’s Always on Display feature uses little battery life when in use and can be useful for those who find themselves constantly tapping their smartphone to check the time.

Depending on your Android device’s manufacturer and the operating system being used, the setting may be called something different such as Always-on Panel, Ambient Display, Always-On Display, or Always show time and info.

Your Android smartphone or tablet’s Always on Display settings can usually be found within the Settings app.

Display > Always-On Display > Lockscreen On in Samsung settings

The setting should be able to be located by following one of the following menu routes from within the Settings app.

  • Display > Always on Display
  • Home screen, Lock screen & Always-On Display > Always-On Display
  • Display > Lock screen

Once found, tap the option to enable the Always on Display feature and customize the settings to your liking.

  • How do I keep my Android screen on while charging?

    You can use the screen saver setting to keep your screen awake while the device is charging. Go to Settings > Display > Screen Saver and select an option, such as Photos or Colors.

  • How do I listen to YouTube with the screen off on my Android?

    Access in a Firefox or Chrome browser window, select the menu, and choose Desktop Site. Find the video you want to listen to, open it in full-screen mode, and return to the home screen. Swipe the control center up, tap Play, and swipe the control center down for the video to play in the background.

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