Kayla Matthews

Kayla Matthews is a researcher, writer and blogger covering smart gadgets, tech productivity and the latest innovations in technology. Her goal is to bridge the divide between consumers and computers using exciting and engaging rapport that removes the intimidating stigma from the tech space.

With over five years of writing under her belt, Kayla caters her work to the human experiences that separate us from computers and give technology its true impact. She believes that the more we embrace change and innovation, the better equipped we will be to improve ourselves and the world.

Kayla is constantly looking for new ways to better herself and help others through her writing. Whether it’s the latest productivity app or smartwatch, or coverage on how the latest scientific research and tech developments will make our future brighter, Kayla's writing addresses why technology is a hugely important part of our lives.

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In addition to writing for Lifewire, Kayla is a senior writer at MakeUseOf and a freelance writer for Digital Trends.

Kayla is also the owner and editor of  Productivity Bytes and Productivity Theory.

You can read more of Kayla's articles about AI, chatbots, apps and the latest tech research on The Week, VentureBeat, Inc.com, TechnoBuffalo, The Observer, Houzz and The Next Web.

Kayla was also a VIP Social Media Influencer for IBM at its Think 2018 conference in Las Vegas, NV. 


Kayla earned her B.A. in English (Writing) from a small public university in Pennsylvania. She now lives in Pittsburgh and does most of her freelance writing from home.  

Kayla Matthews

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