Configure the K9 Spam Email Filter

After you have trained it a bit, K9 knows spam from good mail pretty precisely. But if only K9 knows the benefit for you is negligible.

Training K9

There must be a way for K9 to communicate this knowledge about spam to you -- or your email client for automatic filtering. As it turns out, there is more than one way.

You can have K9 mark spam in the Subject so you can spot it at a glance. This Subject-line marking is also useful if you use an email client that can only filter on a few header lines (Outlook Express for example).

If you want to have junk mail moved to a special folder silently, you can tell K9 to add a custom header line to messages it identifies as spam. Then your email client can filter mail based on this line.

To Configure How K9 Marks Spam

  • Open K9.
  • Go to the Configuration tab.
  • Select the desired marking method under Mark emails as Spam by...
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