JVC Intros 4th Gen e-Shift 4K Projectors at CEDIA 2015

JVC DLA-RS600 D-ILA e-Shift4 Video Projector
JVC DLA-RS600 D-ILA e-Shift4 Video Projector. Image provided by JVC

JVC was onhand at the 2015 CEDIA Expo to unveil its Video Projector product line for 2016.

The Shift Approach To 4K

JVC's new line includes its 4th Generation of D-ILA projectors that incorporate e-Shift technology (this latest version is dubbed e-Shift4).

e-Shift provides a sophisticated method of upscaling lower resolution (including 1080p) source signals to 4K for screen display.

Also, in addition to 4K upscaling of lower resolution and 1080p signals, e-Shift4 (and its predecessor e-Shift 3) also accept native 4K 30p and 60p resolution input signals, but the final projected image you see on screen is the result of the e-Shift process, and not native 4K.

Briefly, e-Shift technology works by shifting pixels diagonally 0.5 pixels on D-ILA chips at a rate of up to 120 Hz. As a result, even though the D-ILA chips are 1080p, the displayed resolution approaches that of a native 4K display.

Although, technically, e-Shift technology is not true 4K, having seen demonstrations of the system in recent years, it is extremely close, and the difference is very difficult to notice, even on a large screen. Of course, for those large screen sizes it is an improvement over 1080p. JVC continues to improve contrast and motion response capability on its new e-Shift4 projectors.

It is also important to point out that although e-Shift technology is not compatible with 3D, e-Shift projectors that are 3D-enabled can display 3D images in 1080p (RF Active Shutter 3D glasses and signal emitter may require optional purchase).

Projector Models and Feature Rundown

The JVC e-Shift4 projector models slated for 2016 are:

Procision Series: DLA-X950R, DLA-X750R, and DLA-X550R

Reference-series: DLA-RS600, DLA-RS500, and DLA-RS400.

Here is a rundown of the core features incorporated into these projectors:

All of the projectors are powered by 265 watt lamp with following light output capability (Both Color and B&W):

DLA-X950R/RS600 - 1,900 lumens

DLA-X750R/RS500 - 1,800 lumens

DLA-X550R/RS400 - 1,700 lumens

Also, the DLA-X950R/RS600 is stated to a native contrast ratio of 150,000:1, and dyamic contrast ratio capability of up to 1,500,000:1.

All of the projectors include JVC's new Motion Enhance technology that adds to the projectors' Clear Motion Drive feature to provide smooth motion on both 4K and 3D signals.

All of the projectors provide 2 HDMI inputs that are compliant with HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 specifications - Provides compatibility with transfer rates of up to 18Gbps, 4K video at 60 frms per second, and compatibility with the 4K internet streaming sources, as well as the forthcoming 4K UltraHD Blu-ray Disc format, and HDR-encoded content sources. Also, the DLA-X950R/RS600 and DLA-X750R/RS500 models also incorporate the ability to display a wider color gamut.

For added support, the DLA-X950R/RS600 and DLA-X750R/RS500 incorporate JVC's Color Imaging Technology and all models provide Six-Axis color management (red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow). In addition, all of the projectors provide Auto Calibration (requires a compatible optical sensor, PC and Ethernet cable, as well as JVC's calibration software).

The projectors are also THX 2D and 3D certified.

For added control flexibility (besides the included remote control), all of the projectors incorporate the Control4 SDDP (Simple Device Discovery Protocol).

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