JumpCut Free Online Video Editing Program

Yahoo's online video editing program is discontinued

Note: Yahoo discontinued JumpCut in June 2009. This article is archived as reference material. Similar free online video editing services are listed in this Guide to Online Video Editing Software. Other services include PowToon, Clipchamp and Video Toolbox.

Yahoo's JumpCut Online Video Editor

JumpCut calls itself "The easiest way to upload, edit and share your photos and videos. Free." JumpCut allows registered users to upload video files from a camera, computer or over email.

Once the clips are saved in your JumpCut library, you can trim, rearrange, add titles and effects.

JumpCut-Supported Web Browsers

To use JumpCut, you'll need a compatible web browser. These include:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Camino

JumpCut does not support the web browser Opera.

Software Needed for JumpCut

Jump Cut is a Flash-based editing program, so you'll need to have the Flash Plugin installed.

All About JumpCut

Because it's all based online, JumpCut is a very different kind of video editor. With JumpCut, you can do most of the things you'd do with traditional video editing software—rearrange clips, add titles and transitions—but you also have the advantage of JumpCut's online community. You can share clips with others on JumpCut or grab their video clips to use in your edited movie.

JumpCut also offers features you'll see in online video sharing websites.  You can publish your movie on JumpCut, add tags, embed it on a blog or email it to a friend.