Julia Borgini

Julia Borgini



Queen's University at Kingston

George Brown College


Google Apps and GSuite

Digital Communications

Mobile Apps

Consumer Technology


  • Content marketer and technical copywriter focusing on B2B enterprise technology since 2009.
  • 19+ years as a technical writer and manager creating help documents for B2B enterprise technology.
  • Amateur webmaster and WordPress guru for the past 17+ years.


As a freelance technical copywriter for more than 19 years, Julia has worked with a variety of B2B enterprise technology companies to translate their tech genius into words customers and users understand. She helps Geeks sell more stuff.

Her love of technology started at a young age, when she took apart old radios and computers to see how they worked. Once she realized she could make a living writing about technology and helping others learn how to do it, she was hooked.

As an amateur webmaster and web designer, Julia's been designing websites for herself and her network since she had to code them by hand in HTML with Dreamweaver. Immersing herself in the WordPress community a decade ago means she can speak PHP well enough to diagnose website problems and bend WordPress to her will. 

Professionally, Julia's enjoyed working for various B2B enterprise tech companies in the Greater Toronto Area, helping users get a handle on the features and benefits of technology. She's written more 10-step procedures than she can count and once had to remind a development team their logic algorithm was only as good as the UI it was hooked up to (which they forgot to do). 

A small business owner since 2013, Julia's been writing copy and content for B2B enterprise technology companies. She spends her days learning about how technology makes everyone's workday better and more efficient.


Julia has a Bachelors of Arts (Honours) from Queen's University at Kingston and a Certificate in Technical Communications from George Brown College in Toronto. She's completed many online courses about content marketing, copywriting, and B2B copywriting from American Writers and Artists, Inc. and Copyblogger Authority. A passionate Geek, Julia is always reading and learning about technology from some of the best tech resources out there.

A Message from Julia Borgini

I love how technology can make our lives easier, both at home and at work. I enjoy learning about it and then writing about it so people can use it to make their lives easier, too. ​Technology doesn't have to be complicated, so let me help.

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