Juergen Haas

Juergen Haas is an information technology specialist who has held positions at top academic institutions, multi-national corporations, and high-tech start-up companies.


As a computer scientist and software developer, Juergen Haas has acquired extensive experience with the Linux operating system. Having used Unix operating systems for more than 20 years he witnessed first hand the emergence of the Linux phenomenon. He has designed and implemented numerous software packages, including sophisticated scientific and business applications on and for Linux systems.


Juergen Haas received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the State University of New York, and an M.Sc. in Physics from the University of Denver. He performed post-doctoral training in the fields of Bio-Informatics and Cognitive Science at the University of Pennsylvania.

Juergen Haas

Traditionally, Linux has been considered an operating system more suited for "geeks" than for main stream PC users. But this is changing. There are now Linux distributions that are as easy to use as Microsoft Windows. Additionally, Linux offers unprecedented flexibility, robustness and efficiency. It's fun, too, especially with all the free and open-source software and games that are now available.

On this site I am offering information in plain English on how to use Linux for anybody who is interested. You don't need any special technical knowledge to get yourself a Linux computer and start enjoying the benefits that come with it.

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