Jonny Evans

Welcome, you've made it to the best Apple TV pages on the Web. Jonny has been writing about Apple since 1999. He'll show you everything you need to know about the Apple TV: how to set it up, how to use it, how to solve problems and the very best apps, add-ons, accessories and industry-specific information to get the very best you can from your Apple TV.


The former news editor of Macworld UK and MacFormat in the UK, he writes the daily Appleholic blog at Computerworld. He has written for Wired, The Observer/Guardian, 9to5Mac, Calibre, Huffington Post, Vanilla Plus, The Street, and BT. He has owned every edition of Apple TV since the first one, and has watched television since his parent's bought a TV set to watch the Moon landings. 

Jonny Evans

"The future of television is apps."

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